Now Trending: Princess-Inspired Hair

We were entranced with the idea of princesses as little girls, and even as adults there's a fairy-tale allure to princess-inspired beauty done right. Not to mention the fact that Khaleesi's existence has made it fair game for a grown woman to be enchanted by heroine-worthy hair. Lately, we've been seeing the princess-inspired hair trend going mainstream on our favorite celebrities, like Kendall Jenner and Suki Waterhouse. It's feminine, romantic, and timeless yet modern and cool thanks to effortless texture and a mussed-up, imperfect lift at the crown for a subtle bouffant effect. Sort of like the princess is a bit of a party girl and just woke up like this (no prissiness here). Keep scrolling to see the style on five celebrities who make it look amazing. Kendall Jenner proves it can work just as well as an off-duty look while running errands, and Poppy, we're getting serious Khaleesi vibes from you!