You'll Never Guess Which Beauty Icon Inspired This Fan-Favorite Lush Product

Updated 09/14/17

There are certain products we suspect were inspired by specific celebrities. Take Tom Ford's Boys and Girls Lip Color ($36), which includes a rich purple color called Drake. It's cool, moody, and trendy, just like its musical counterpart. Or look to the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria ($32). It's a taupe-nude color that looks highly reminiscent of the shade Victoria Beckham wore during her Posh Spice years.

But then there's Lush Cosmetics, the natural and handmade brand beloved by pretty much everyone, pretty much everywhere. Apparently, the creation of one of its most popular products was inspired by one of the most iconic beauty icons of all time. As PopSugar reports, it was none other than Princess Diana herself who spurred one of the Lush co-founders to formulate the brand's Gorgeous Facial Cream ($88). We had no idea.

Getty/Tim Graham

According to the article, when Princess Diana met Lush Cosmetics co-founder Mark Constantine, she brought her favorite moisturizer with her. There's no word on which brand or product Princess Diana deemed her favorite, but we do know that the meeting (and the moisturizer) made such an impression on him that he formulated this Lush version with her in mind.

The moisturizer's ingredients include orange blossom honey water, olive oil, cold-pressed organic evening primrose oil, cold-pressed organic avocado oil, and a mixture of fresh citrus juices. These ingredients combine to intensely moisturize, soften, smooth, and brighten the skin. Lush fans have loved it for years; there's a reason the brand calls this its "ultimate face cream." There you have it; this face cream is quite literally fit for royalty.

Lush Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer $88

Head over to PopSugar to read the full story. Then, see Solange Knowles's brand-new platinum hair!

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