Prevent Sun Damage--to Your Hair

You’d never put oil on your face or body before hitting the beach (well you might, but we wouldn’t recommend it), so why would you put it on your hair? Elizabeth Phillips, a trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic, says, “Castor oil, olive oil, and elastin hydrate the hair, creating a protective barrier.” Why do you need a protective barrier? Because while your hair might not react as immediately as your skin--you won’t come home with red, itching, sunburnt locks--cumulative exposure to the sun (not to mention salt water and chlorine), will cause long-term damage, drying, breaking, and fading the hair. And don’t forget about your scalp! “Saturate a Q-tip with the sunscreen used for your face and apply it to your part line,” reminds Philips before signing off: “consider wearing a hat!”