5 Makeup Palettes That Double as Evening Bags



It all started about a year ago when I somehow scored a last-minute invite to attend a black-tie party hosted by Gucci. The invitation specified that guests should wear formal attire and no visible brand names that were direct competitors to Gucci. I instantly thought, Oh, shit. Because my only nice evening bag has a big fat YSL on the front and goddess knows I am not, nor have I ever been, ritzy enough to be able to go out and buy a Gucci purse on a whim. So I started scrambling throughout my house for something I could use as an evening bag. I considered going without a bag entirely, but I needed at least my credit card, ID, and house key. Then, it hit me: While rooting through my bathroom, my eyes fell upon an old limited-edition Tarte holiday eye shadow palette that was covered in these really beautiful rose-gold, silver, and lavender sequins. It had a zipper closure and no brand insignia on the outside. It straight-up looked like a designer clutch. There was totally enough room inside to stick my ID, credit card, and house key. Plus, because it was a makeup palette, it had 20-some eye shadows, a mini mascara, and a mirror built in, so I could touch up throughout the night. Not a bad hack, right?

Ever since that experience, I've been kind of obsessed with makeup palettes that can double as evening bags. All it takes is a pretty exterior and a secure closure, and no one at that formal dinner or wedding will ever know you're carrying around a makeup kit. Sadly, that limited-edition Tarte palette I used is no longer on the market, but the following products are. Keep scrolling to shop five amazing makeup palettes you could totally also use as a fancy clutch at your next evening event.