Look Familiar? The 10 Most Popular Makeup Looks on Pinterest

In our story on the date night makeup men prefer, the classic combination of a red lip + black cat-eye was the least favorite. So it was pretty funny to turn around and find out that same look is one of the most popular on Pinterest’s beauty boards. To us, it’s proof that ‘guy hot’ and ‘girl hot’ really might mean two different things. The two other looks that were also a hit among pinners? Super-defined lashes with a clear glossy lip and totally natural, barely-there makeup.

For this story, we lowered the minimum repin criteria to 500; the minimum for popular hair pins was 2,000, because hair photos are more popular on Pinterest than, well, almost anything. We also weeded out some of the more outrageous makeup (ones that you’d be hard-pressed to categorize as “beauty” looks), and narrowed it down to the 10 most popular and prettiest makeup pins Pinterest has to offer! Keep scrolling to see them all.