Coffin Nails Sound Scarier Than They Look—Here Are 20 Pretty Examples

Because long, squared tips are in

Kylie Jenner's tie dye coffin nails with pink toes in the background.


If you're anything like us, you're constantly dreaming up your next manicure. While choosing your color gradient is one of the most crucial (and most fun) parts of a great mani, you should also consider your desired shape. Trust us—it goes way beyond square and round.
For example, squoval nails refer to ovular mid-length beds with squared tips, while stiletto nails feature long, dagger-like points. And just in time for spooky season, coffin-shaped nails are here to be your edgy middle ground between the two.

If you can't quite picture what coffin nails look like, just imagine Kylie Jenner's go-to manicure. It's all about long, narrowed, flat-edge nails that offer more space to bring stellar nail art to life. Here, our favorite looks to use as a reference at your next appointment.

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Pink Ombré Coffin Nails

Despite their long coffin-shaped length, these nails radiate a classic appeal that flex from desk to drinks. The baby pink nail plate extends into a white tip, which mimics the effect of a natural nail. One of the easiest ways to create the look is with dip powder, so you'll likely want to enlist the help of a professional to bring the manicure to life.

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Marbled Coffin Nails

These pink and gold geode nails are a surefire Insta-hit, taking a note from MAC's Electric Wonder collection packaging. Instead of going all out with marble, the manicurist focused the pattern on two statement nails to help create a more neutral manicure. If you're recreating this look on your own, be sure to have gold foil on hand to create those metallic glints.

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Nude Coffin Nails

You can never go wrong with nude nails—and coffin-shaped nails are no exception to the rule. Here, we have an ultra-shiny neutral manicure that can be created with gel, shellac, acrylic, or powder dip. If you want to take the DIY route, file your nails into a coffin shape and paint them with Olive & June 7-Free Nail Polish ($8) in shade MM.

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Black Marble Coffin Nails

Love the look of marble but want to make it darker? Invert the colors and opt for a black manicure with white marbled accents. To create the look, start with a black base coat and top it off with thin white stripes. Before the white paint dries, use a toothpick to gently drag and blur the lines for the cracked marble look.

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Nude Flame Coffin Nails

Just because nude nail polish is a neutral choice doesn't mean it can't look fire. Case in point: These flame coffin-shaped nails. The detailed nail art features two flame statement nails, with small jewels to accent the base of the remaining nails.

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Studded Coffin Nails

Another way to create a pretty coffin shaped manicure is to start with a neutral base and top it off with eye-catching details. Best of all, it's a super simple nail look to DIY. All you have to do is paint a layer of clear top coat over the nude color of your choice and place the flat-backed gems while the paint is still wet. Top them off with another layer of top coat et voila.

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Minimalist Neon Coffin Nails

Love a neutral nail but want to hop on the neon color train? Us too. To get the look, merge the two with neon-bordered coffin-shaped nails. The long length allows for a bit more color than a short squoval shape, meaning you're that much more likely to turn heads in the process.

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Red Coffin Nails

Just like a bold red pout, monotone red nails are guaranteed to make a statement. To cop this manicure, paint your nails with Smith & Cult Color Nail Polish ($18) in Kundalini Hustle. The ultra-pigmented nail lacquer goes a long way, so you'll only need one coat to nail the look.

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Rose Quartz Coffin Nails

If you can't choose between simple neutral nails and statement nail art, look no further than this rose quartz coffin shaped manicure. The pale pink jelly color creates a neutral base for tiny swirls of white. And—you know what the say—rose quartz is the crystal of love, so it's no wonder this manicure has gotten so many likes on the 'gram.

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Clear Coffin Nails

What if you could confine color to a short nail bed but still capture the essence of a long, coffin-shaped nail? Well, with this clear peach glitter mani, you can. The nail look requires professional skill, so be sure to make an appointment with a manicurist to bring the peach-pumpkin look to life.

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Cafe Au Lait Coffin Nails

Creamy iced coffee is one of those things that makes our hearts swoon. You too? You'll drool over this multi-texture mani. Glitter, marble, and ultra-shiny shellac combine for one double-tap-worthy nail look.

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Pastel Coffin Nails

It's no secret that rainbow nails are having a major moment. When you pair the color trend with coffin-shaped nails, you have that much more space to rock your favorite hues. So copy the manicurist here with pastels, or pump it up a notch with ultra-bright neons (we dare you).

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Ombré Rainbow Coffin Nails

If you're not ready to cover your full nails in pretty pastels, consider this pale nude ombré. It's ideal for anyone who likes low maintenance as their nails grow in since the nude base will resemble your natural nails.

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Butterfly Coffin Nails

Ah, pink or blue? A tale as old as time. These coffin nails look like they came straight from Kylie Jenner's IG feed, featuring a fun jelly finish and Stormi Webster-inspired butterfly nail art. If you have super long nails all on your own, you can paint the base yourself using Le Mini Macaron Jelly Gel Nail Polish ($12) in Rose Jelly and Mint Jelly.

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Shiny Black Coffin Nails

Who doesn't love a classic all-black manicure? This ultra-long version gets bonus points for its shiny allure. To create the look, use a high-shine nail lacquer like Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer ($18) in Blacquer. Even though it's already a shiny color, it never hurts to top it off with a high-shine topcoat, too.

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Electric Blue Coffin Nails

These bright blue ombré nails give us all the cool spacey vibes. If you want to try to DIY, drop a dot of light blue and cobalt blue next to each other on a paper plate. Dip a nail-sized sponge into the color and transfer it to your nail by pressing it on to achieve the ombré blend.

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Neon Mismatch Coffin Nails

Crazy for neon? Same, same. If you can't pick just one bright color, opt for a "skittles manicure." Doing so will instantly create a head-turning manicure that's bound to earn you more than a few compliments. It's easy to DIY; the only skill this mani requires is switching up colors between nails.

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Glow in the Dark Coffin Nails

These pale coffin-shaped nails may look low key in the daylight, but as soon as the sun goes down they'll glow in all their glory. While you can totally find neon UV polishes on Amazon, your best bet is likely to head to the salon for professional help. There you'll be able to find dozens of shades that will shine bright all night long.

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Neon Negative Space Coffin Nails

Nude, neon, and negative space? What's not to love? These more keyboard-friendly coffin nails are simple as can be with just a pop of diagonal color on each corner. You can DIY the look with a little striping tape and a touch-up brush nearby.

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Tie Dye Coffin Nails

Last but not least, we have Jenner's famous tie dye coffin-shaped nails. The pale, blurred design is a summer staple that can be updated for every season by simply switching out the colors. While her manicure was created by a celebrity manicurist, you can try to DIY the look by sponging your favorite colors on top of a white base coat.

Next, learn how to repair damaged nails.

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