The Lazy Girl's Guide to a Post-Thanksgiving Detox



The turkey is sliced and packed away, your mom’s pumpkin pie has completely been demolished, and you, my friend, are wearing sweats because they’re all that fit you right now. Welcome to the Friday after Thanksgiving—otherwise known as the day of extreme bloating, pain, and regret. Your whole body is radiating with that “I ate way too much” sensation, and even though you can’t imagine getting off the couch at any point today, you still desperately want to make this feeling go away. Can you tell we’ve been through this before?

Rather than curse the last scoop of Aunt Greta’s mashed potatoes you insisted on having, why not get active and do a little detoxing? (Don’t worry, not too active.) We spoke with Jessica Sepel, nutritionist, wellness coach, and author of The Clean Life, and asked her for tips on how to bounce back after a night of indulgence without putting in too much effort (because, hello, we can barely move). Keep scrolling for five easy post-Thanksgiving detox tips.