"Post-Gym Skin" Is the New No-Makeup Makeup

We feel a lot of things after good old-fashioned blood-rushing, sweat-dripping gym session. Strong? Yes. Accomplished? Definitely. Sweaty as hell and red in the face? You betcha. News flash: Your shiny face after a voluntary torture Orangetheory session is the beauty world’s new darling. Say what? You read that right: Your face. After the gym. Is in. As we gear up for F/W 16 fashion week, let’s take a moment to reflect on the current season’s unexpected trend, shall we?

Keep scrolling to find out why post-gym skin is Hollywood's new favorite red carpet look.




No-makeup makeup, candlelit glow, dewy skin (if we hear that phrase one more time, we might start convulsing)—these are all more or less different ways of saying the same thing. Basically, the goal is to look like you woke up flawless, skin exuding an ethereal light and hair artfully rumpled. Post-gym skin is similar, but it takes things one step further. With no-makeup makeup, you faked perfect skin with well-placed concealer and determinedly buffed-in foundation. Add a little dewiness and you’ve got 2015’s strobing trend (which we all know by now is just a fancy way to say "highlight the crap out your face"). It only makes sense that the next trend would build upon the former by adding some color to the mix. Or rather, one color—pink—on your cheeks.

Now it’s less about waking up like this and more about “I just had the best sweat session of my life” (or even some semblance of post-coital bliss). Makeup artist Val Garland gave models at Preen’s S/S 16 presentation “hyper-athletic skin” and emphasized “skin sheen textures emerged from the gym… a fresh faced realness.” (MAC's Shell Cream Colour Base, $22—the product Garland used backstage—will help you achieve that, as will Kjaer Weis’s Cream Highlighter , $56, in Happy.) Other designers served up some serious flushed-cheeks goals, including Temperley London, David Koma, Vivienne Tam, and more—and, as with all runway beauty trends, they’ve now migrated to Hollywood…



Steve Granitz/Getty

Take Zoë Kravitz, for instance. The actress/all-around professional cool girl arrived at the Critics’ Choice Awards this year with the dewiest of complexions and a peachy flush to match. We can almost imagine seeing her like this post-yoga session, all aglow (minus the diamond earrings the size of our head, that is).



Jeff Vespa/Getty

Amber Heard is another example, seen here arriving at the Palm Springs International Film Festival with an all-over sheen on her skin and peach blush.



Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty

We hope that the one day when someone photographs us looking off to the distance mid-smile, we can be just half as photogenic as Natalie Portman.



C Flanigan/GettyImages

Hairstylist Kylee Heath used Leonor Greyl's Paris Serum de Soie Sublimateur ($46) on Kristen Stewart’s strands for “a wet look at the roots”—the perfect complement to her glowing skin.



Robert Kamau/Getty

Olivia Munn has been killing it in the beauty department lately, and this scarlet lip look is one of our favorites. Matte skin and a red lip can age you—light-reflecting skin, rosy blush, and a chic topknot are the definition of fresh.

What do you think of post-gym skin? Taking predictions for F/W 16 trends below!