3-Minute Read: You Can Actually Make Yourself Healthier Just by Thinking It

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Giving yourself crap for skipping the gym isn't just bumming you out—it's actually making you less healthy. That's according to a new study published in Health Psychology, which concludes that regardless of actual physical activity, those who simply think they're less healthy compared to others are 71% more likely to die sooner, even if they actually worked out the same amount. (What?)

In other words, giving yourself credit (whether it's for a tough sweat sesh or taking a nice stroll around your neighborhood) isn't just a nice thing to do—it gives your body a boost, too. And it's something we have to keep reminding ourselves to do in our very comparison-driven culture (thanks, Instagram). Head over to Well+Good for more details on the study.

You might want to peruse these best sellers, because according to Birchbox customers, they're among the best of the best.

Between sand, sandals, and general outdoor activity, our feet certainly face the elements during prime open-toe season. The good news: Our friends at Lauren Conrad have some pretty great pointers for extending the life of your next pedi.

We don't need to tell you that tossing and turning is no picnic (especially when it's approximately 135 degrees outside, and your apartment's AC is on the fritz). Do yourself a favor and read up on these must-know pointers from sleep and psychology expert Jennifer Felder, as told to Goop. (Spoiler: It goes a little deeper than just turning on a white noise machine and making sure it's really, really dark.)

Specifically pubic hair? Chances are you've wondered how you're "supposed" to groom your bikini line in 2017—it's a question that our associate features editor Amanda posed here just a few weeks ago. That's why we're loving this photo story from Allure, which offers an honest, unretouched look at the grooming habits of five real women. (Before you click, just keep in mind that it's a tad NSFW.)

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