9 Skincare Products With Over 50K Loves on Sephora

Earlier this year, we clued you in on a helpful icon located on the product pages of Sephora's website—the "loves". It's a small, red heart located next to the product reviews (like a Facebook or Instagram "like") where customers can show their appreciation for a product through a single click. It's a great barometer to gauge whether something is worth trying, especially considering some products have exceeded tens of thousands of loves.

Since we trust the feedback of Sephora shoppers, some of the most beauty-obsessed, product-savvy women and men out there, we decided to investigate the most loved skincare products on the store's site. And of course, their picks didn't disappoint—many of them are staples in Byrdie editors' vanities. Want to find out which products top the skincare category at Sephora? Keep scrolling!

What's YOUR most loved skincare product at Sephora? Please let us know in the comments!