The #1 Most Popular Mascara on Pinterest Only Looks Fancy, Actually Costs $10

Bestselling Mascara - Boots No 7 Mascara

I, like all others who are permanently on a quest to find the perfect mascara, have tried countless lash-bolstering formulas. It's not unusual for me to have two, three—okay, even four—tubes of the inky cosmetic in my makeup bag at a single time.

There are just so many options, which is why, in a bid to be a little more budget-friendly and eco-conscious, I've turned to trusting an invaluable source of product knowledge: word of mouth. I've tested the mascaras that colleagues swear by and kept track of top internet picks, and I have no time for anything less than bold, natural-looking, wispy goodness.

The newest mascara to hit all of these marks comes courtesy of Pinterest, as, according to the virtual mood board's analytics, it's the most repinned mascara on the entire site. Keep scrolling to see which inexpensive formula is, quite literally, the gold standard of mascara!

No7 Stay Perfect Mascara $10

And the winner is… this formula from No7. That reflective gold packaging isn't too shabby, but the true wealth lies in its "unique tubular technology." The bristled wand coats each lash with a film. The film then creates minuscule elastic tubes that surround the lash, extending and volumizing it outward and upward.

Did we mention that it's also sweatproof, tear-proof, and flake-proof? The brand promises 24-hour "life-proof" wear. To remove, "simply hold a cotton pad soaked in hot water over your eye to gently release the tubes of color." The tubes will literally slide off your lashes. But be warned, our fellow pinners say that, because of this technology, first-time removal can be nerve-racking. When the tubes slide off, it's easy to mistake them for your actual lashes. Have no fear—they're not! The elastic tubes leave your natural set behind, and well-protected at that, not dry or brittle like other formulas.

There you have it: easy application and easy removal. If you need us, we'll be at Ulta.

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