This Is the Most Popular Mascara on Pinterest

Fact: We have likely lost hours (and hours) of our lives to the black-hole clutches of Pinterest. Another fact: Unlike the statistic regarding how many hours the average person sits in traffic each year (42, if you want to feel miserable for a second), we have zero guilt about the ones we've spent perusing and pinning. Honestly, it's how we've gained some of our most pivotal beauty intellect. After all, if absolutely everyone is pinning a certain lipstick, concealer, or blush, that surely means something, right?

That's precisely why we love reaching out to our friends at Pinterest HQ every so often to find out which products in our makeup bags (or shopping carts) are blowing up computer screens everywhere. Most recently, we wanted to know about mascara, more specifically which mascara is the most popular on Pinterest right now. (Something about spring makes us yearn for the flirtiest sky-high lashes.)

So, without further ado, and because we thought you might be curious too (long lashes are like pizza—who doesn't like pizza?), we found the most-saved mascara formulas you probably need to have in your stash like yesterday. Plus, in celebration of mascara and how much we adore it, we decided to round out the number one spot with nine Byrdie-editor favorites as well. Happy pinning!