Which State Is the Most Diet-Obsessed?


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Diet obsession seems to pervade not just American culture but all of the mankind. While focusing on nutrition is a positive thing, our relationship with diet and weight loss often morphs into an unhealthy fixation. Of course, this phenomenon is nothing new, but in the last five years, social media has played an increasing role in our diet obsession. According to Dred.com, Instagram hosts over 25 million photos with the hashtag #diet, including "portioned food posts, sometimes-annoying inspirational quotes, and pervasive progress pics (aka before-and-afters)." Personally, I've scrolled passed at least three posts of this kind just today.

It's hard not to compare our meals and bodies to the photogenic açai bowls and tiny waists we see on social media. But a new report from Dred reveals that diet obsession doesn't affect everyone in the world the same way.

To learn more about which states and countries are the most diet-obsessed, Dred examined Instagram posts tagged #diet per 100,000 residents in the United States and Europe. Curious to know which locales are most diet-conscious? Keep scrolling to take in Dred's fascinating stats!