Celebrities Can't Get Enough of This Affordable Accessories Brand

Meet Poppy Lissman.

Kylie Jenner in yellow Poppy Lissman sunglasses

Kylie Jenner

In late November, Justin Bieber made headlines when he was papped out and about in New York City with wife Hailey, not because of his hair, his jeans or his shoes, but because of his sunglasses—a pair of oversized wrap sunglasses in a pale yellow shade, giving him an insect-like vibe. Later that week he was spotted in the same style in a vibrant lilac, styled with a Kurt Cobain-inspired cardigan.

Justin and Hailey Bieber wearing sunglasses

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The sunglasses in question were the Cherloi glasses from Poppy Lissiman; they’re a curved acetate style that retails for $140 and comes in the Bieber-approved yellow and purple, plus black. Poppy Lissiman’s bags and sunglasses have become a favorite of stars like Justin, Rihanna and the Jenner sisters, but the pieces don’t come with a celeb-worthy price tag. Lissiman’s line of brightly colored accessories are accessibly priced, with a Y2K-inspired vibe that feels cheeky, modern and so much fun. A well-chosen accessory can totally transform your look, and Poppy Lissiman’s pieces are the perfect place to start. 

Fashion design was always in the cards for Lissiman, an Australia native who started her eponymous business in 2008. “I have been obsessed with fashion for as long as I can remember,” the designer tells Byrdie. “My mum taught me how to sew when I was 10 years old and I used to make a lot of my clothes, including for my brand in the early years.” Lissiman’s family was instrumental in the early days of the business, and now she works full-time with a small team in Western Australia.

Bella Hadid in red Poppy Lissman Sunglasses

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Poppy Lissiman version 1.0 was a high-end womenswear label; Lissiman opened the flagship store in 2011, but in 2013, she and her team decided to pivot to accessories, focusing on bags and sunglasses. They launched ecommerce at that time too, quickly finding success with their budget-friendly but still fashion-forward accessories.

While the brand was cruising along happily, sales really boomed globally in 2017 thanks to its Le Skinny sunglasses style; the shades became a favorite of Bella Hadid, who was seen wearing them in every color. And as with many Bella-approved trends, sales exploded from there. “We’ve been so lucky since then, as we have had a pretty steady stream of celebrities who have chosen to support and wear the brand,” Lissiman shares. The brand has been spotted on stars like Bella (who currently prefers the Caidyn style) and her sister Gigi, Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Serena Williams and Dua Lipa—just to name a few.

If you’re not super familiar with the world of Poppy Lissiman, Lissiman has a few spotlight styles that would be a great place to get started, many with personal significance to the designer herself. “The Vinny sunglasses are an absolute classic and look good on anyone; they’re my everyday go-to and I also wear the optical versions of these too,” she says.

Another of her favorites, the Lio Tote, was recently spotted on Kendall Jenner in an episode of The Kardashians. “The Lio Tote in Great Escape Print is from my collaboration with one of my favorite artists, John Prince Siddon. This collection means a lot to me. I actually own the painting which this print was lifted from; it was a wedding present.” Lissiman also loves The South Beach Shell Shoulder Bag, made with shells found near her parents’ home in South Beach in western Australia, and calls the Cloudy Sunglasses her current favorite statement glasses.

As for what Poppy Lissman thinks the brand's fans will be wearing in 2023? "This might sound strange but big, roomy pockets!” says the designer. “We have some really awesome nylon waist/crossbody bags launching in early 2023, which are equal parts practical and super puffy and fun.” According to Lissiman, these useful-yet-stylish bags will come in a bevy of colors; they’re also the brand’s first foray into nylon, using recycled materials.

We certainly won’t be surprised if we see one of the bags on Bella’s arm in the new year… or maybe even in our own closets. 

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