If You’re Binge-Watching These 6 Shows, Try These Beauty Products

From Bridgerton to The Crown.

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Byrdie/ Bridgerton / Emily in Paris / The Queen's Gambit

As we’re binge-watching TV like never before, beauty and pop culture are colliding, giving life to some of our favorite characters who we’ve come to identify more for their cat-eye than their catchphrase. Whether you’re lost in the Regency era of Bridgerton or caught in the excess of Bling Empire, today’s hits are beckoning us into worlds where beauty may as well have its own role and where the latest products could have been born out of these shows. Ahead, discover the beauty products that will help you create show-inspired looks.


If there were a cream made to delight your senses like Simon sucks his spoon, the new skincare brand Untamed Humans is it. The mere fact that it's a bespoke brand and each formula is fitted to satisfy your skin's desires proves its uniqueness. Even the bottles have a distinguished look, void of loud logos and adorned with a wax seal of your initial that is straight out of Bridgerton. Just as singles must find their suitors in this period drama, you must take a skincare quiz (answering questions ranging from your birth year to your scent preference) to find your made-to-order formula match. The curated line boasts natural ingredients and takes pride in that it only released a few select products to start. The cleanser, lotion, and moisturizing body stick are highlights. But just as the goal back in the 1800s was to produce offspring, I predict the brand will bear new offerings in 2021.  

Customized Facial Moisturizer
Untamed Humans Customized Facial Moisturizer $26.00

The Queen's Gambit

Beth, from The Queen’s Gambit, is known for being a master chess player as well as wearing cat-eye liner that’s precisely winged out to perfection. If there was a liner to live in this drama, Kiss’s new Lash GLUEliner is it. It's ink-black, liquid, and houses a stiff tip with enough flexibility to form a soft outer edge. It doubles as a liner and lash glue, and with just a flick of the wrist, you can deploy a coy cat-eye that’s as whimsical or intense as your mood. It’s also a steal at under $10, which Beth knows about literally and figuratively. Of course, it takes practice to perfect your game—makeup or otherwise—and this liner is just the tool you need to get started.    

Glue Liner False Eyelash Glue & Eyeliner
Kiss Glue Liner False Eyelash Glue & Eyeliner $9.00

Bling Empire

In a world where Botox flows like champagne, $1 million is dropped on a baby’s first birthday bash, and wearing less than 10 carats is considered cheap; appearances are your currency in Bling Empire. For beauty, the stakes are just as high. Not just any moisturizer is good enough to grace the skin of the uber-wealthy. To make the cut, it must be polished, rare, and made to pamper. One such gem is Bellefontaine Switzerland Body Beauty Rescue. With caviar extract, silk, and gold at its core, this luxe body cream is rich in potency and price (it retails for $780). And it makes a worthy first impression, housed in a sleek bottle adorned with shiny gold. This cocktail of fancy ingredients is built to keep its owners’ bodies young and supple for eternity. 

Caviar Rejuven'active Treatment
Bellefontaine Caviar Rejuven'active Treatment $780.00

The Bachelor

If a rose determined your romantic fate, you would obsess over the flower, too. The Bachelor is a real-life soap opera ripe with tears, controversy, and coddling. With emotions running high, these girls could use a beauty BFF, and if there were one product that can come to the rescue, it’s the Inna Organic Rose Geranium Soothing Face Mask. This sheet mask is all about comforting stressed, irritated skin with essential oils and botanical extracts. 

Rose Geranium Soothing Skin Sheet Mask
Inna Organic Rose Geranium Soothing Skin Sheet Mask $41.00

Emily in Paris

Whether you see her as a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw or Audrey Hepburn, Emily in Paris captures the essence of ambition, style, and youth. The closest fragrance to embody this is Krigler's English Promenade 19 perfume. Part sweet, part fresh, and part sexy, the scent has the perfect balance of notes such as jasmine, grapefruit, and white musk that makes it impossible not to adore. It’s so addicting. And like the show, it will keep you coming back for more.

English Promenade 19 Perfume
Krigler English Promenade 19 Perfume $425.00

The Crown

If there were ever a show to permit you to unleash your inner princess and don a crown, this series is it. Lele Sadoughi’s ivory velvet hand-knotted headband is the civilian’s take on a tiara. Adorned with oversized crystals, silver beads, and pearls, the bejeweled band commands the room's attention while keeping your hair in its proper place. The finishing touch to channeling her majesty is through makeup. The Queen’s approach to her everyday look is straightforward yet timeless. One beauty product that can help you channel her regal look is from Jafra’s Royal Color Collection. Appropriately named "Elizabeth," this lip pencil is a warm rose shade that’s infused with an exclusive Royal Jelly technology to provide lasting hydration.

Key Ingredients

Royal jelly is a term used to describe creamy white secretions that come from the throat glands of honeybees. It hydrates, increases collagen production, promotes wound healing, and fights inflammation.

Ivory Velvet Hand-Knotted Headband
Lele Sadoughi Ivory Velvet Hand-Knotted Headband $195.00
Luxury Lip Liner-Elizabeth
Jafra Luxury Lip Liner-Elizabeth $16.00

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