16 Stylish Ponytails Especially for Short Hair

Short hair, while always chic, can prove difficult to style. Wearing it down is typically the default setting. That becomes the norm, and suddenly, you realize you haven't touched your hair in two weeks. That's fine, unless you're feeling bored or uninspired. In that case, it's time to take up your styling products again. And by the way, just because it can seem difficult to style doesn't mean it's impossible. For proof, check out eight braids that look amazing on short hair. The same rings true when it comes to ponytails. Just because you don't have Rapunzel-length locks doesn't mean you can't toss your short strands up into the most classic style.

Seeing as most of the country is in the midst of a massive heat wave, short and stylish ponytail inspiration can't come fast enough, because who doesn't want their hair up and out of the way when walking out into triple-digit heat? That's why we gathered some of our favorite short ponytail looks from celebrities, hairstylists, and fellow Byrdie editors. These 16 looks are sure to prove ponytails are never out of style.