6 Beauty Lessons I Learned From Top K-Beauty Makeup Artist Pony Park

Including the secret to her popsicle-stained lips.

Pony Park

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If you're not already following makeup artist Pony Park, we highly recommend doing so immediately. The South Korean influencer boasts a following of over 13 million across Instagram and YouTube, where she regularly shares makeup tutorials that rack up hundreds of thousands of views (her mega-viral Taylor Swift transformation video from 2016 has over 23 million views alone).

Now, the K-beauty star is expanding her reach even further with the launch of her second Morphe collaboration. After the success of their first collab—the Icy Fantasy Collection, which launched back in 2020—Morphe and Park decided to team up again on an ethereal new collection. Featuring a multi-use 39 (!!) shade palette, sparkling face, and body embellishments, and color-changing lip shimmers, the new Constellation Sky Collection has everything you need to get Park's signature look.

In honor of the new line (launching on November 18), I caught up with Park to learn more about the new collab, her favorite K-beauty makeup and skincare techniques, and the secret to her signature glossy lip look. Ahead, the six best beauty tips I learned from the South Korean makeup artist.

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Skincare Is the Best Makeup Primer

Park's makeup tutorials always begin with the most important step, skin prep. While she loves to layer on sheet masks and hydrating moisturizers, there's one product she never goes without. "If I had to only choose one product, it would be sunscreen. It not only helps to hydrate the skin but also helps to protect the skin from aging," she tells us. "The better the care for your skin, the better the makeup results!"

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Setting Spray Is the Secret to Vibrant Shadows

The Constellation Sky Artistry Palette is the highlight of Park's new Morphe collection. The makeup artist was intimately involved in every aspect of its creation, from the color scheme to the celestial imprints featured on some of the shadows, which Park actually drew herself. "I was a graphic designer previously before making a career shift to makeup," she tells us. "The Morphe team knew of this and encouraged me to include some of my own art into the collection." She also designed the stick-on Face and Body Embellishments ($7) that you can use to take your cosmic look even further.

Morphe / Palette
Morphe x Pony Constellation Sky Artistry Palette $36.00

The palette itself includes a whopping 39 pigments, ranging from matte neutrals to colorful metallics. "You'll notice bright and vibrant shades throughout the palette, which are super pigmented and have great payoff," Park explains. And of course, the seasoned pro has a tip for getting the most vibrancy out of your palette: "To get the most saturated payoff, spritz a small amount of setting spray on the end of the brush to apply."

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Multi-Use Products Are Key

Park is a big advocate for getting the most out of your makeup. "Let's not limit makeup use to only what we're used to," she says. Several of the Constellation Sky Collection products are designed to be multi-use, including the Lip Gelee Trio ($20), which Park likes to use for a "little highlight pop on the cupid's bow or on the cheekbones."

Additionally, you can use this palette for way more than just eye looks. "I'm all about maximizing, and this palette may just be the epitome of it," Park tells us, noting that the multipurpose pigments can also act as contour, bronzer, blush, and highlighter. She recommends using shades like Breathe, Knit, Moonstone, Teardrop, and Nebula to create an ethereal highlight.

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More Is More When It Comes to Glossy, Glazed Lips

Morphe / Lip Gelee
Morphe Constellation Sky Lip Gelee Trio $20.00

Park's glossy, diffused, popsicle-stained lips are one of her signature looks, so we had to ask the makeup artist exactly how to pull it off. The secret, it turns out, is twofold.

First, start with some color (Park tends to gravitate towards deep reds) in the center of your lips. Then, layer on top of that with a shiny gloss or balm like the new Lip Gelee. "Don't be shy with the amount you apply," says Park. "We want the lips to look luscious and glazed!"

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Have a Signature Look for Both Day and Night

Pony Park


"One of my biggest goals when creating this collection, and the palette especially, was to make it available for not only glam looks, but also for that everyday makeup look," Park tells us.

On the right side of the palette, you'll find the "va-va-voom" shades, she says. These include rich purples, shimmering silvers, and even a dark midnight blue, which can all be used for your "glitz and glam" night look. The left side of the palette features more neutral tones, ranging from soft glittery nudes to deep browns, which Park says can be used for an everyday look.

However, Park's go-to eyeshadow look works for both day and night and requires a combination of the two sides. "My favorite eye look to create with this palette is that milky-yet-mysterious look that looks super soft, even whilst using bolder shades," she says.

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The Major Difference Between Korean and American Beauty

Park says that thanks to social media, there's not too much of a difference between the makeup trends that take off in America versus South Korea. Instead, she explains, the key difference between the two beauty philosophies are the products themselves.

"For example, I've noticed online that when people in the U.S. try Korean eyeshadow palettes, they sometimes are surprised when the payoff isn't as high as they expected," says Park. "I've noticed payoff is a lot higher for palettes in the US. In Korea, it is almost standard to have a lower payoff, as the overall makeup 'trend' tends to be more focused on keeping the look as natural as possible."

When creating her new palette with Morphe, Park tried to incorporate both philosophies. "There are shades that are super-pigmented and have high payoff, but there are also a lot of neutral shades available," she tells us. That way, it has options for those who lean towards more natural looks, as well options for anyone who "wants to experiment more with other types of makeup looks."

You can shop the new collection on November 18 at Morphe.com.

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