Makeup Artist Pony Tells Us the Next Big Korean Beauty Trend


If you follow makeup artist Pony on Instagram, you'll know that she doesn't shy away from a bold beauty moment. With over six million Instagram followers and counting, the doe-eyed Korean makeup guru is the queen of beauty looks that make you do a double-take (and double-tap). Whether it's debuting a new hair color on the regular, or giving us lash envy, Pony proves that Korean makeup doesn't have to be synonymous with minimalism.

Beyond just inspiring us to try a blotted lip or face sequins ASAP, Pony is also a wealth of beauty knowledge when it comes to the latest and greatest in the product realm. That's why REVOLVE asked her to curate a special-edition beauty box featuring her all-time favorite products. "My REVOLVE beauty box is curated for the girl who wants a glow-y, dewy beauty look with lots of hydration," Pony explains. We caught up with the K-beauty queen on the heels of her beauty box launch and asked her all our pressing questions, from the product she swears by for glass skin to the next big Korean beauty trend.

BYRDIE: What’s your favorite product in your REVOLVE beauty box and how would you use it?

Pony: "TWOTSP's Honey Banana Mask. I have it with me all the time, wherever I go. This Honey Banana mask is super nourishing and has more essence than the average sheet mask so you can leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and it won't dry out. I have dry skin and it's the most hydrating product out there!"

BYRDIE: What products do you use right now to create a glass skin look and how?

Pony: "Instead of using a full-coverage matte foundation, use a light-coverage glowy foundation. You can apply concealer to the areas that need more coverage in more detail for a clean, glass skin look."

BYRDIE: You have such great brows—what products do you swear by and what’s your technique for making them look natural?

Pony: "I use three types of products for my brows. First, I use a thin eyebrow pencil to outline the shape of the brow. Then, I use eyebrow powder to fill in the sparse areas. To finish off, I use liquid eyebrow gel to draw in the hairs one-by-one in the inner brow area for a textured effect."

BYRDIE: What do you think will be the next big Korean beauty trend and why?

Pony: "Instead of focusing on eyeliner, having voluminous lashes would be the main focus of the makeup. With natural, minimal makeup being more of a trend, voluminous eyelashes would complement the look without requiring you to go overboard with makeup."

BYRDIE: How do you feel about how K-beauty has gotten so big in the U.S.?

Pony: "Seeing all these K-beauty products sold in U.S retailers and all these major beauty brands manufacturing products in's something I'm always very excited about."

BYRDIE: What inspires your different hair color changes? Which one has felt the most special and why?

Pony: "I get my color inspirations from the weather and the seasons. Most people loved my dull pink hair color and it was a color that worked well with all of my makeup looks."

BYRDIE: Do you find that you change your makeup when you change your hair color? If so, how?

Pony: "When my hair is in a more natural brown tone, I can use lighter coral colors or more natural colors. When my hair is brighter or in lighter tones, I can use various colors that aren't just matte. For example, I can play with different textures and shimmers."

BYRDIE: What makeup advice would you give to someone who recently went platinum?

Pony: "If you have platinum hair color, you don't need to lighten your brows. Use ash brown or a natural black tone for the brows to highlight platinum hair.

BYRDIE: Where do you find inspiration for your different beauty looks?

Pony: "I am able to communicate with people worldwide through my various SNS accounts and everyone gives me inspiration on my new looks. I create my looks for everyone!"

You can purchase Pony's Play Box for REVOLVE here.

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