Reviewed: Pond's Dry Skin Cream Keeps Daily Hydration Simple

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Pond's Dry Skin Cream

Pond's Dry Skin Cream

Nicole Kliest

What We Like
  • Absorbs easily into skin

  • Provides subtle daily moisture

  • Noticeably calmed rosacea on my chest

  • Accessible price point

What We Don't Like
  • Didn't moisturize as much as I'd hoped

  • May irritate sensitive skin

  • Strong fragrance

  • Not Byrdie Clean

Pond's Dry Skin Cream has a wide fanbase for its accessible price and hydrating properties, and it definitely is a good option for simple daily moisture. It didn’t work wonders for my sensitive skin, but it helped to soothe and soften my décolletage.


Pond's Dry Skin Cream

Pond's Dry Skin Cream

Nicole Kliest

We put Pond's Dry Skin Cream to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

Growing up, one of my favorite weekend activities was to head to Walmart with my friends to buy a beauty product. Whether it was Neutrogena face wash, glitter eyeshadow, or a new bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo, the experience is something that still brings a smile to my face. Oddly enough, during my youth I never once encountered iconic drugstore brand Pond’s. When I was assigned this story, I didn’t even know what it was (despite it being around for a casual 175 years). After speaking with a few friends and digging around the internet, I quickly learned how much people love this brand. And I mean love: One reviewer I came across declared that her mother used Pond’s Dry Skin Cream for years and up until she passed away at age 94 she was still getting compliments on her skin. My interest was piqued. I also found that Elizabeth Warren mentioned in an interview last year that Pond’s Dry Skin Cream is the only product she uses on her skin. Not sure how I feel about that (no one skincare product is going to do everything) but I also love a political endorsement!

All that said, I was excited to see if this under-$10 product would live up to the hype. Keep reading for my conclusions.

Pond's Dry Skin Cream

Best for: Normal, dry, and/or sensitive skin types.

Uses: A daily moisturizer for the face.

Potential allergens: Mineral oil

Byrdie Clean? No; contains liquid petroleum, triethanolamine, and parabens.

Price: $6

About the brand: Pond’s has been around since 1846 and is known for its affordable yet trusty drugstore skincare products designed to smooth and soften skin.

About My Skin: Sensitive with a capital S

I’ve got the kind of sensitive skin that if I gently rub my earlobe or softly itch a scratch on my neck or chest, just a minute later it’s a deep, worrisome shade of red. Oh, and if I use a product that doesn’t agree with me? Pimples abound. It’s a delicate dance every single day, so even when I see that a product claims to be suitable for sensitive skin, I remain skeptical. Aside from that, I’ve got pretty typical combination skin; it's sometimes slightly dry after travel or if I’m dehydrated.

The Feel: Very thick

Pond's Dry Skin Cream Texture

Nicole Kliest/Design by Cristina Cianci

The first thing you’ll notice about this moisturizer is how thick it is. But despite its density, the product absorbs into the skin quite quickly. Pond’s Dry Skin Cream comes in a jar with a screw cap, which is nothing fancy but makes it easy to ensure you’ve completely emptied the product out of the container, as opposed to squeezing a tube.

The Ingredients: Pared-down and simple

There’s not a ton to write home about with this moisturizer with regards to the ingredients. They are rather simple, but will get the job done if basic daily hydration is what you're after: you’ve got classic emollients like mineral oil and go-to moisturizers like glycerin. I suppose the phrase "less is more" rings especially true with a product like this.

The Scent: An acquired taste

After scrolling through a few reviews around the internet for this product, I discovered a lot of people don’t like the fragrance. I will say, it’s fairly strong. But it oddly reminds me of my grandma and thus, I enjoy the nostalgic chord it strikes. I liken it to the smell of a body lotion like Jergens—sort of "clean" smelling and hard to put your finger on.

The Results: Not bad, but no dramatic improvement

Pond's Dry Skin Cream Results on Nicole Kliest

Nicole Kliest/Design by Cristina Cianci

After using Pond’s Dry Skin Cream for a few days I noticed my face went relatively unchanged. I did acquire a couple of small pimples on my forehead, but aside from that, it was neither a good nor bad outcome. But here’s the exciting part: where I did notice an improvement was on my décolletage. I have had rosacea on my chest for as long as I can remember and it is consistently bumpy, red, and dull. I decided to give Pond’s Dry Skin Cream a go on this area of my skin and the results were, again, not life-changing—but they were noticeable. In truth, I probably won’t use it on my face again simply because my skin is so finicky and I don’t want to risk getting more petite pesky pimples, but this product may work better for you if you don't have the same degree of sensitivity.

The Value: Good

I can’t knock a cult-favorite moisturizer that’s less than $10. You can get a 6.5-oz. jar for just $6, which is a significantly lower cost per ounce than most moisturizers, so you really can't beat it if the product works well with your skin. What else is there to say?

Similar Products: You've got options

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin: This drugstore buy from CeraVe ($13) is a good alternative if you want a fragrance-free moisturizer for dry skin, and it's a similar value to Pond's. It’s loaded with ceramides as well as hyaluronic acid, which work together to supercharge hydration and barrier health.

e.l.f. Daily Hydration Moisturizer: I’m a big fan of e.l.f.’s budget-friendly, cruelty-free products, and this lightweight moisturizer ($8) gives your skin a solid dose of hydration with ingredients like jojoba, aloe, and shea butter.

Final Verdict

I’m always on board with a budget-friendly skincare moment, and Pond's Dry Skin Cream is a simple moisturizer that gets the job done. However, if you’re looking for something with high-impact results, you might want to look elsewhere. Everyone’s skin is different and you won’t know until you try it, but this product's accessible price point makes it definitely worth a go if you think it might be a good fit for you.


  • Product Name Dry Skin Cream
  • Product Brand Pond's
  • Price $6
  • Weight 6.5 oz.
  • Full Ingredient list Water/Agua, Mineral Oil Isopropyl Palmitate, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Ceresin, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Sorbitan Oleate, Candelilla Wax, Triethanolamine, Laureth-23, Fragrance/Fragancia, Carbomer, Disodium Edta, Dmdm Hydantoin, Methylparaben, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

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