'90s Kids, Rejoice: A Super-Nostalgic Makeup Collection Is Coming

Updated 09/15/17
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We don't mean to brag, but '90s pop culture is kind of our thing. There's nothing more nostalgic to us than listening to Britney Spears and reminiscing about Furbies and puka shell necklaces while debating which boyband was actually the best (for this writer, it's the Backstreet Boys, forever and always). Since we're true '90s kids at heart, we love anything that reminds us of the decade.

Good news for us: Now even our makeup will bring us back to the years of stone-washed jeans and boom boxes. According to Cosmopolitan, the makeup brand Lime Crime is catering to our '90s sentiment by releasing a makeup collection inspired by some of our favorite childhood toys. So far, it includes three throwback "Pocket Candy" pressed shadow palettes that are vegan and cruelty-free just like the rest of its products. And since this is the '90s we're talking about, each one contains at least one frosted pastel shadow.

So yeah, this is major.

Keep scrolling to see the first look at these new palettes!

Even though this product isn't affiliated with or endorsed by any other company, the mini palettes are packaged in compacts that look similar to the tiny glossy ones that used to house our Polly Pocket dolls. The only question is which one will you choose—yellow, blue, or pink? We're currently having flashbacks to standing in the department store toy aisle, trying to decide which new Polly Pocket we were going to beg our parents for. 

The Instagram account @trendmood1 confirmed the new collection and released exclusive imagery as well. They captioned the photo, "#PollyPocket inspired, nostalgic toys and sweet confections." Apparently the three palettes are called Sugar Plum, which is the pink palette; Bubblegum, which is the blue palette; and Pink Lemonade, which is the yellow palette. Each one houses five full-size shades.

Apparently, they'll be priced at $34 each, or $90 for the complete bundle. They'll officially launch on the September 19. (The brand is sold at retailers like ASOS and Urban Outfitters, so it will be easy enough to snag a mini palette--or all three--once they become available.) Keep an eye on Lime Crime's Instagram for more updates.

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