45 Pointy Nail Looks to Obsess Over

From neon to matte neutrals.

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Pointy nails—maybe you've seen them. Whether you're standing in line at your local Starbucks, transitioning between moves at your favorite megaformer studio, or simply falling down yet another Instagram rabbit hole, pointy nails have likely caught your eye at one point or another.

When it comes to this sharp shape, it can be worn one of two ways: almond or stiletto. Where almond nails have an ever-so-slightly rounded pointed tip, stiletto nails feature piercing points that might momentarily make you fear for your life. Dramatic? Maybe. True? Well, considering they could potentially double as a self-defense weapon, yeah.

Given the different types of pointy nails, the possibilities are truly endless—especially since the extra-long shape offers more room for nail art. But if long nails aren't your thing, short stiletto nails are also a great option that makes your hands and fingers look super elegant and chic. And now with the endless array of press-on options, you don't even have to commit to acrylics or gels.

Ahead, discover 45 stiletto- and almond-shaped nail ideas you'll want to copy ASAP.

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Technicolor Tips

These technicolor tips are the perfect way to highlight your almond-shaped pointy nails. The angled tip gives this look more of a modern look versus a regular "full tip" manicure. To recreate this look, choose a rainbow of colors for the tips while keeping the rest of your nails a neutral color. This look is a perfect choice if you like neutral nails, but want a pop of color. Check out the Olive and June Rainbow Snowcone Set ($54) for five bright colors to recreate this look.

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Neon Tie-Dye

Want something a little more bold? These almond-shaped neon tie-dye nails are sure to turn heads. All of the different colors on each nail add a touch of uniqueness, too.

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Rose Quartz

Pointy nails are bold in and of themselves for their shape alone. But Lizzo's rose quartz-inspired nails will definitely cause heads to turn. Rose quartz is still an it-girl gem and so we have no choice but to fall in love at first sight.

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Color-Blocked Nails

Whether you have pointy daggers or almond-shaped points like the nails above, this color-blocked mani is one of the hottest trends. You can go with a more intricate look, by using several colors on each nail or just use two colors. What is important is to have contrasting blocks or patterns of color on each nail. Add in a simple white line of varying patterns on each nail for more depth and contrast.

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Tiny Hearts

While pink hearts might make you think of Valentine's Day, we think they're great all year round. Case in point? Khloe Kardashian's almond-shaped, French-tipped nails with tiny hearts are cute every day of the week.

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Pierced and Pointy

These pierced and pointy nails make quite the statement. Also, it is the perfect way to add a little edge to your look without the pain of an actual piercing. Pierced nails work best on long, artificial nails. Natural nails may not be strong enough. Use a nail piercing tool ($14) and choose between small hoops or delicate charms.

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Glitter Swirls

Feeling a bit...extra? These pinky nude nails are accented with white and gold glitter swirls that add an unexpected twist.

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Checkered Nails

Checkered nails are having a major fashion moment. They have a laid-back vibe that makes you feel like you are wearing your favorite pair of classic Vans shoes. Recreating this look takes a steady hand and attention to detail. You can leave this look to your favorite manicurist or try some checkered press-on nails, such as the Chillhouse reusable non-toxic nails ($16).

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By the Sea Waves

This wavy manicure would be the perfect look if you are heading to the beach...or just have vacation envy and want to look at some blue waves. To recreate this look, layer different shades of blue with white. You can also use a small sponge and paint the colors on the sponge and then press onto each nail.

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Minimalist Stars

If a basic French manicure has always been your go-to, this minimalist mani may be exactly what you are looking for. This upgraded French manicure has gold accents and white stars to give your nails a fresh twist. This would look fabulous on almond-shaped pointy nails or more dagger-shaped points. You can paint on the stars or use Star Nail Art Stickers ($8).

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Holographic Points

Pointy nails look fabulous with nail polish that really helps them stand out. Case in point—these amazing holographic nails. They change color in the light and give off an ethereal quality to them. Recreate this look by brushing on Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish ($13).

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Cow Print Nails

While cow print looks great on all nail shapes, there's something to be said about displaying the print across a longer canvas—in this case, pointy stiletto nails. After all, the longer the nail, the more splotches you can fit in.

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Super Woman-Approved

These pointy, almond-shaped nails are playful and eye-catching with pops of cobalt blue and golden yellow throughout. And, given the tips are painted white, you could even say this is just yet another take on the modern French manicure.

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Confetti Cuties

Stilletto nails get a bad rap for being too intense. To help soften the stereotype, consider polishing your pointy digits with this abstract, confetti-inspired nail art. While we love this fun color combo, the options are truly endless with which shades you can pair together.

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Out of This World

These extra-long, stiletto nails look positively stellar—interstellar, to be exact. With a pinkish-nude base and glittery silver holographic polish, it's no wonder the contrast immediately caught our eye.

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Splashy Color

Go bold or go home—that's our motto when it comes to these can't miss stiletto nails. Khloe Kardashian's sherbet-colored nails set the Internet on fire, in the best way of course. Maybe just, you know, pick these for a festival as opposed to your first day of work.

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Red Daggers

Sometimes you have to take a stereotype and own it. Stiletto nails are known for being flashy, so let's take it up a notch with classic red polish and textured details that you won't be able to miss.

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Pretty in Purple

Purple is a gorgeous color and yet so often it's forgotten when selecting a nail shade. These dark purple pointy nails fade from a dark base to light tips, with holographic gemstones and flecks extending in the same pattern. If you love the glimmer pattern but can't get on board with the color, consider going lighter with a soft lavender or dusty rose hue.

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Festival Ready

Each of these almond-shaped nails has a different type of nail art—perfect for festival season. And thanks to their soothing color palette, they won't look out of place at the office.

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Dainty Almond Nails

Ever-so-slightly pointy, these single-striped, almond-shaped nails offer up a little edge while being polished with a demure pale pink shade. They're topped off with a high-shine topcoat and, if you look closely, you'll even notice a few teeny tiny base gems.

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Terracotta Tips

These neutral pointy nails are painted in a gorgeous terracotta shade that makes them approachable yet spicy. They can be worn from fall to summer without ever looking out of season. To copy the look, be sure to pick up a bottle of Smith & Cult's Nail Lacquer ($18) in Tang Bang.

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Joke's on You

If you're making the foray into pointy nails as part of a costume, you can never go wrong with adding a cinematic twist to your digits. These Joker nails fit the bill. Of course, they're super intricate so you'll likely need a pro to help you paint them on.

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Flower Power

The best thing about pointy nails is that, while you can totally cover them in nail art (and actually have enough space to do so), they look seriously snap-worthy with simple solid coats of color accented with minimalist details. Take these blue floral nails for example. With a trendy tonal fade and perfectly-placed petals, these stiletto nails look straight out of a high-end editorial.

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Prefer a more intricate nail look? These pointy nails feature orange and yellow flames paired with a neutral base coat. We don't know about you, but we think they're h-o-t.

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Pucci Style

Kylie Jenner's Pucci-inspired nails are bringing the '70s back in the best way. We especially love how each nail is a different design—it really creates a fun, visually stunning look.

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Two-Toned Tips

Shades of purple and blue combine for a simple mani that looks quite cool. The angular design is one of many modern French manicure renditions and it can be recreated in any color (or shade combination).

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Up in the Clouds

Blue is always in and so are almond-shaped nails—why not combine the two for one seriously stylish nail look? What we love about almond-shaped nails is that they give a softer take on the pointy nails trend, so they're great for anyone trying to ease into the look. And the blue and purple cloud detailing? Absolutely dreamy.

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Swarovski Crystal Detailing

These nails immediately make us think of the words from the icon Rihanna, "They're covered in Swarovski crystals, girl!" And that's definitely true about these nails. Each pink nail is delicately decorated with crystals, while other nails are detailed with black French tips and gold flecks.

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Dreamy Jelly Nails

If you're open to gel nail extensions, these pointy nails will make you want to call your manicurist, stat. They feature translucent purple tips layered with fluffy white clouds, holographic stars, and tiny gems for an end look that's nothing short of ethereal.

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Mermaid Mani

Sparkles and holographic accents might seem super bold, but they're two shades that look surprisingly stunning with all skin tones. And, as soon as you pair them with hints of blue and purple, you're looking at a mermaid-unicorn union that looks straight out of a fairytale.

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These blue-on-blue French tip nails are the perfect length, not too short and not incredibly long. They're a great manicure for summer—just imagine that blue shade against a sparkling pool selfie.

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Neutral and a Pop of Blue

We're obsessed with these neutral nails with a twist. The blue and white French tip adds a bit of visual interest, while the tiny studs take the whole look up a notch.

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Lilac Tips

These almond-shaped nails are a great length and the perfect color for warm weather months. And that slight glitter in the nude? Chef's kiss.

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Milk and Coffee

If you really want to take your nail game up a notch, you can choose to mix and match designs on your hand. Take this milk-and-coffee-colored manicure, for example. We love how something as simple as switching up the color of the flames on each hand really takes it to the next level.

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Pink on Pink

The only thing better than pink is ... more pink. The subtle ombré pink is accented by chrome-pink tips. And of course, in classic Chaun Legend fashion, these nails are the sharpest around.

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Rainbow Flames

Celebrate Pride every month with these rainbow-colored flame nails. And we gotta say, anything with a rainbow gradient color scheme gets a stamp of approval from the team.

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Black and White

We're absolutely obsessed with this black-and-white combo, courtesy of celebrity nail artist Chaun Legend. The graphic print is sure to wow everyone you meet.

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Nude Matte Tips

One look at these incredible nude matte-tipped nails and you'd never guess they were press-ons. They're a perfect option when you want to switch things up on the weekend or a big event.

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Periwinkle Power

Periwinkle is such a flattering shade for all skin tones, including warm brown. Plus, there's just something really flattering about a single-shade manicure.

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Transparent Blue

Transparent nails give immediate main character energy. These stiletto blue nails are incredibly fun without a ton of extra designs or detailing.

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Understated Frenchie

Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik gave J.Lo an incredibly stunning take on a French manicure. Instead of the stark white we're used to, the creamy, off-white tips look so natural, you almost forget it's painted on.

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Textured Hearts

These pointy Valentine's Day-inspired nails are another work of art from Chaun Legend. The stunning 3D effect of the hearts, paired with the ombré color scheme, is definitely giving us heart eyes.

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Fairy Princess Vibes

Lilac tips and tiny clusters of cartoon, fairy tale stars make this a manicure you're going to want to save to your phone.

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Green Tips

You heard it here first: green IS a neutral. These green-tipped, medium-length stiletto nails prove our point. This mossy shade works with all colors and is a great option for those who want to spread their horizons with color.

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Inspiration for art is found everywhere—even your Chanel compact. This almond-shaped manicure is the perfect blend of chic and '60s mod.

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