Why Pods Are the New Way to Face Mask

In theory, it sounds amazing to commit to applying a face mask one to two times per week. In reality, there's barely enough time in the day to manage our work, family, and friend commitments—let alone casually apply a face mask and wait 30 minutes for it to do its thing.  Perhaps that's why pods have become so popular lately. Their individual packaging is portable, so a trip or sleepover no longer works as an excuse that gets in the way of our aspirational beauty routine. They're also speedy: Most work in less than 10 minutes. Now that sounds doable! Keep scrolling for three top pod masks trending now.

This aloe-based mask favorite is hydrating to the skin, but its benefits don't end there. Imagine using aloe on a sunburn. The same soothing anitmicrobial properties are calming for breakouts. 

This deeply moisturizing mask is perfect for the morning after Halloween when skin is likely dehydrated. 

Charcoal is an excellent purifier for both water and skin. These tiny pods are powerful, drawing out buried impurities while unclogging pores. The brand has also launched a line of limited-edition pods available only at Sephora. Our favorite—Dr. Andrew Well For Origin's Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask ($4), is a red-reducer here just in time for windy winter. 

How often do you apply a face mask? Have you tried a pod mask yet? Let us know your thoughts below!

Opening Image: Dior via ImaxTree