Are You Accidentally Making Your PMS Worse?


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When you wake up one fine morning to the distinct sensation that your midsection is being wrung through one of those homemade pasta rollers, let’s be clear—the last thing you’re probably thinking about is which foods you should eliminate from your diet over the next few days of PMS-induced torture. (If you’re anything like us, the first thing on your mind is probably, Chocolate for breakfast? Cool.)

And yet, like it or not, everything we consume during this time can actually significantly impact our PMS symptoms. “Although the causes of PMS aren’t well understood, fluctuating levels of hormones and brain chemicals are thought to play a role,” says Dr. Christopher Calapai, a family physician in New York City. “What a woman eats and drinks can also have an effect.” Spoiler alert: Your morning coffee is sending your cramps into overdrive.

But it’s not all bad. Calapai notes that there are also foods that can help alleviate moodiness, bloating, and all the other favors this monthly party provides us. Keep reading to see which foods to eat and avoid to keep PMS symptoms at bay.

And because PMS is just the beginning (sigh), see which foods to eat and avoid during your period.