I Tried PMD's Personal Microderm Elite Pro and Have the Smoothest Skin Ever

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PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

What We Like
  • Smoothes and softens skin

  • Good for face and body

  • Cordless design

  • Convenient packaging

What We Don't Like
  • Can be too rough

  • Doesn’t remove blackheads

The PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro smoothes out skin like no other product, and for the cost of one in-office microdermabrasion appointment, you can have unlimited sessions at home.


PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

We put PMD Beauty's Personal Microderm Elite Pro to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review. 

The PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro is the newest iteration in PMD’s line of microdermabrasion devices, and this time it rivals professional, in-office treatments. The skincare tool has multiple speed settings and exfoliation levels so you can customize your experience at home, and within a couple of months see reduced lines and wrinkles, more even skin tone and decreased dark spots, better hydration, and smaller pore size.

The device claims to give clinical-grade exfoliation results—effectively eliminating the need for anyone to drop cash and time on in-office treatments—and for the cost of just one professional treatment, the idea is alluring.

But do the results pay off? Keep reading to find out.

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

Best for: All skin types

Uses: Fading lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven texture

Price: $299

About the brand: PMD Beauty develops professional-level tools and skincare products to give customers a boost in confidence.

About My Skin: Post-acne problems

My combination skin is prone to breakouts and clogged pores, but while those have recently subsided, the dark marks and scars they leave behind have not. I normally forgo physical exfoliation instead of chemical exfoliants (like my beloved P50), but for the past month I’ve cut back on products except for the basics, including a cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, and U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound (which I highly recommend!). I felt like I needed a bit more exfoliation, and because microdermabrasion can be a useful treatment for evening skin tone, I was excited to see what it could do for me.

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

The Packaging: Cute carrying case and lots of additions

The PMD comes in its own carrying case which organizes the caps, cords, charging base, discs, and the actual device itself into a slim caddy. I like to keep my device tucked away in the carrying case, however, its charging base is also a cute way to keep it on the counter. It doesn’t actually need to be charged that often though—mine has stayed strong for a month after one full charge. 

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

The Feel: A quick, painless treatment

After choosing the appropriate cap—body, face, or blackhead—and the exfoliating disc (you should practice with the white “training” disc until you get the hang of it to avoid injuring skin), choose one of the three variable speed and suction levels, which PMD calls TruTier™ settings. Then, pull the skin taut and move the device across the skin in long, smooth motions. Be careful not to go over the same place more than once, and never linger on one spot to reduce over-exfoliation. You’ll actually be able to feel the device suctioning your skin, and you can see the exfoliation happening—in the form of white dust that, yes, is your dead skin.

PMD breaks down the experience into three steps: exfoliation, vacuum suction, and absorption. The discs have a sandpaper feel (and become rougher as you increase in intensity levels) and spin to buff away dead skin cells. PMD says this process stimulates new skin growth and reveals more youthful skin. While it exfoliates, the device suctions onto your skin. This vacuum suction, PMD says, helps increase cell turnover. After your session, the skin is better able to absorb products, which you’ll want to take advantage of to get the full experience. Not only do ingredients sink into the skin better, but moisturizer is necessary to help your skin heal after so much exfoliation.

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

The whole treatment takes less than five minutes (more if you do your body, too), and I love the cordless design because it makes it super convenient to use anywhere.

The Results: Super smooth skin

Immediately after treatment, I actually have to stop myself from touching my skin too much. It feels super smooth and soft, but it’s also slightly red and tender. When I’ve used the most intense disc and the highest speed/suction level, it even had a slight burning sensation in some areas. This device is powerful, so be careful! After using, it feels nice to smooth on a thick moisturizer (I love First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream), and I find that my skin calms down quickly.

I’ve had professional microdermabrasion, and I feel like I received the same level of exfoliation from this device as I did from an expert.

With that said, while PMD recommends weekly usage, I personally felt like this would be too much for my skin (and I put my skin through a lot!). If you do want to use it weekly, make sure to use it on the lowest setting and the lowest intensity disc. As a comparison, professional microdermabrasion facials are usually only done about once a month or less.

What about long-term changes? PMD says that significant results can be seen in eight to twelve weeks, but after only four I already have seen differences in my face. My acne-prone skin has managed to stay relatively clear, my dark spots have faded, and my skin has stayed super soft and hydrated the whole time. I don’t really have fine lines, but in the areas I do I haven’t noticed a major change yet. 

Side by side view of a woman's face

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

The one area I’m disappointed to see unchanged is blackheads. I have a few that seem impossible to remove, and I hoped repeated use of the PMD would coax them out, but still no luck. I even employed the Blackhead Cap, which is used without an exfoliating disc to literally suck out blackheads, and found it awkward and unhelpful.

The Body Cap and discs work the same way on the body as they do the face but are larger to cover more surface area at once, and they are helpful if you want super soft skin everywhere. 

The Value: Countless uses for the price of one pro

At $299, the PMD isn’t cheap, but when compared to what you’d pay for one in-office microdermabrasion session, it’s quite a steal. There aren’t many similar devices on the market to compare it to, but if the price is a burden, there are more affordable models of the PMD to try, although they may not be as comparable to professional treatments like this one.

You’ll also need to factor in the additional cost of new discs. It'll set you back $20 for a set that allows for approximately 24 sessions. 

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

Similar Products: PMD reigns supreme

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System ($22): For just $22, this device from Neutrogena will deliver serious exfoliation. The head is much bigger than PMD’s, and it doesn’t allow for customizable speeds and intensity levels, but reviewers say it gave them softer skin. The pads, however, are one-time use only.

PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Pro ($199): PMD has pretty much cornered the at-home microdermabrasion market, so you’ll want to check out their original device as well. This one is more affordable and uses the same discs as the Elite Pro. The main differences are it doesn’t allow for multiple speed settings, it has a cord, doesn’t come with the Blackhead Cap, and comes with fewer discs. I have this device as well, and I enjoy using the Elite Pro much more because it’s cordless, and the exfoliation is more powerful.

Final Verdict

For the cost of just one professional microdermabrasion session, the PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro gives countless treatments, but you only need one to start seeing softer, smoother skin. If you’re after professional results at home, this device is a winner.


  • Product Name Personal Microderm Elite Pro
  • Product Brand PMD Beauty
  • SKU 811485031447
  • Price $299.00
  • Included Personal Microderm Elite Pro, Power Adaptor, Body Cap, Facial Cap, Very sensitive Skin Discs (2 ct), Sensitive Skin Discs (2 ct), Moderate Discs (3 ct, 2 face and 1 body), Very Corse Discs (3 ct, 2 face and 1 body)

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