A Top Plastic Surgeon Shares Her Extensive Skincare Routine

The medical résumé of Dara Liotta, MD, is hugely impressive: She spends her days in the OR conducting reconstructive facial, head, and neck surgery. She's an expert at reversing nerve paralysis, cleft palette surgery, scar revision, facial trauma, and has written countless papers and book chapters on surgical techniques. Along with reconstructive surgery, Liotta specializes in cosmetic facial procedures: Botox, lip injections, and fillers, to name a few. Considering the depth of her knowledge of the face and neck—both inside and out—when we got the chance to tap her for her at-home skincare regimen, we knew it'd be one for the books.

For anyone faint-hearted, know that Liotta's at-home routine isn't invasive (or even complicated)—instead, it's an expertly curated mix of topicals applied in such a way that gleans their fullest potential. And even though she's a pro at addressing signs of aging after they've made their debut, she's passionate about at-home preventative care (you know, so you don't need to schedule a tune-up later on). Below, take a look at her tried-and-true a.m. and p.m. routines.

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Opening Image: The Conscience Fund