13 Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair, Straight From Our Favorite Celebs

Updated 01/31/18

Serious question: What's chicer than an impeccably executed pixie cut? Our response: nothing. In fact, the only thing stopping us from getting one ourselves is the sheer terror that we might regret the decision after the fact. Another serious question: Is there such a thing as phantom hair sensations? (We'd like to know.)

Regardless, we've settled on a compromise, counting on our favorite celebrities to continue their gutsy inspiration. And currently, we have our sights set on pixie cuts for thick hair. Texture is always MVP when it comes to cut and style, and pixie cuts are no different. So we rounded up 13 inspiring pixie cuts for thick hair courtesy of our favorite celebrities. Keep clicking, and prepare to feast your eyes.

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From fire-engine red to an asymmetrical bob, Rihanna has pretty much done every cut and color justice—and then some. However, this edgy pixie cut circa the 2008 Grammy Awards hit a high note. (And it's been etched in our brains ever since.)

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Halle Berry

It's true, no pixie cut hall of fame would be complete without Halle Berry's iconic chop. And though she's flirted with longer length on and off in the recent years, her iconic spiky cut (perfect for adding some extra definition to thick hair) will always have our hearts.

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Lily Collins

Not quite ready to go full-on pixie? Take a cue from actress Lily Collins who demonstrates a perfectly lived-in cut if you're after a bit more length. Not to mention that her well-placed layers are an excellent solution if you have thicker strands.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Just when we thought we couldn't love her more, Jennifer Lawrence went and got a pixie cut. She's since let it grow out, but back in 2014, this brushed-back style was everything on the Academy Awards red carpet.

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Kate Mara

To tame thick hair while rocking a pixie cut, do like actress Kate Mara and go for an effortlessly glamorous slick back. (It's also great for showing off that bone structure.)

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Leave it to Zendaya to make us crave shaggy bangs, gilded highlights, and 99% less hair from just one amazing hair look. Yes, the pixie cut was just temporary, but we think it deserves a forever standing ovation.

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Jennifer Hudson

The singer and actress proves that a shortened length doesn't necessarily lessen versatility, thanks to this asymmetrical and ever-so-cool androgynous take on the traditional pixie cut.

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Scarlett Johansson

For a sculptural take on the classic pixie, we give a nod to Scarlett Johansson's one-of-a-kind cut she wore during the 2017 Academy Awards.

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Ruth Negga

The queen of showing off her natural texture while on the red carpet, Ruth Negga demonstrates that a short and sweet pixie doesn't necessarily require hours on end of styling. (We're also having a serious moment with that blue eyeliner, but alas, we digress.)

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Katy Perry

Pre-chop, Katy Perry was known for her long and luscious locks. But now she demonstrates one of the ultimate pixie cuts for thick hair: longer length on top, closely shaved sides, and a chic dusting of fringe.

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Ginnifer Goodwin

A surefire way to add drama to a pixie cut for thick hair: an ultra-deep side part à la actress Ginnifer Goodwin.

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Zoë Kravitz

Be still our hearts. Zoë Kravitz has been working a pixie cut for awhile now, but her super-close crop and ethereal bone structure are a match made in haircut heaven.

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Kate Hudson

Kate Huson has always had a lock on glamorously long tresses, so when she went rogue for a role and shaved her head last year, the world did a double take (in the best way possible). And as her strands have begun to grow out, she's been showing off a litany of super-demure styles to accent her fresh pixie cut.

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