A Little Gentle Persuasion That a Pixie Cut Just Might Be for You

Updated 01/27/18

So you're thinking about getting a pixie cut, are you? We understand why you're a bit nervous, especially if you've so far lived a life with hair that extends beyond your shoulders. A style this short can make everything—from your face to your outfits—look a little different, so we won't lie to you: It's going to be a big change. But we also know the pixie cut is one of those elusive hairstyles that somehow manages to remain relevant even as more fleeting trends come and go. If you've come here looking for that final nudge to book into the salon, we've gathered all the evidence you need to confirm that a pixie cut is the way forward.

Pixie cuts: Cara Delevigne pixie hair cut
Neil Mockford/Getty Images

Like the colour of a glossy chestnut, Cara Delevigne's newly brunette hair looks great in a pixie cut, helped along by a micro-fringe and plenty of layers to give it long-lasting texture.

Pixie cut: Zoe Kravitz pixie hair cut
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

The soft side part of Zoe Kravitz's pixie cut gives it a bit of a '20s vibe. For something as neat as this, a glossy serum will become your best friend.

Pixie cut: Michelle Williams pixie hair cut
Frederick M Brown/Getty Images

Michelle Williams's pixie cut always has the best mussed-up texture, which keeps it looking ethereal—definitely the look you want to go for. Ouai's Wave Spray (£22) will help loosen up the strands.

Pixie cut: Janelle Monae pixie hair cut
Karwai Tang/Getty Images

For a lesson in how to accessorise a short crop, look first to Janelle Monae, and then check out our favourite place to shop hair accessories.

Pixie cut: Tilda Swinton pixie hair cut
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Getty Images

If you fancy something with a bit more edge than you're regular pixie cut, Tilda Swinton's hair could be the way to go. Her cropped sides make way for a longer section on top that she sweeps backwards, most likely with a soft-bristled hairbrush.

Pixie cut: Katy Perry pixie hair cut
James Devaney/Getty Images

Platinum hair looks great in a pixie cut, as Katy Perry's look proves. Just keep roots in check between hair colour appointments with a touch-up product like Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray (£23).

Pixie cut: Ruby Rose with pixie hair cut
Venturelli/Getty Images

Ruby Rose's pixie cut is a lot longer on top, and she often pulls it down to create a side fringe. On a look like this, you'll want to keep the roots afloat to stop it all from falling flat, so add a volumising spray such as Redken Rootfull (£11) to your styling routine.

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