This Was the Most Popular Mascara on Pinterest in 2017, and for Good Reason

We've said it before and we'll say it again: There is a special art to mascara. We have a trusty office mascara, another formula for the soft and fluttery look we love to wear to brunch and beyond, and yet another dramatic formula for going out on a Saturday. We're just as picky about how we apply it (for proof, see our editor-approved tips and tricks to mastering mascara application).

Because of this long-running mascara fascination that we've had since middle school—and the makeup product on our lashes—we love finding new formulas and hearing about other ones that people are loving. Pinterest is a great source for this since beauty products are constantly trending across the social media platform. (Here we will formerly thank Pinterest for all the trusty product recommendations we've received over the years.)

The newest Pinterest data is here, and it shows which specific mascara was the most popular one throughout 2017. This classic fan-favorite formula has been a mainstay in our beauty bags for years, and we're happy to know that all of Pinterest agrees with us.