The 2-Minute Glowing Skin Smoothie That People Can't Stop Pinning

We're already aware that what we put in our bodies affects our skin as much as the products we put on it. This knowledge often puts us on the defensive—we know to avoid certain aggravators like alcohol and sugar, for example, since they can contribute to acne and dullness. (Dairy Face, anyone?)

But in addition to cutting out the bad, it's also worth being proactive about what you consume, since there's a whole laundry list of foods that can actually contribute to a brighter, clearer complexion. And leave it to Pinterest to play host to a ton of popular recipes designed to do just that. 

Below, you'll find some of the virtual mood board's most popular skin-boosting recipes, from a detox salad with over 34,000 repins to a scrumptious-looking smoothie bowl. Keep scrolling to get a closer look at each, including specific details on how they can maximize your glow.