Pinterest Predicts These 7 Beauty Trends for 2022

Maximalism is here to stay.

Beauty trends

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Basic is on its way out—and no, it's not because TikTok deemed it cheugy (not yet, anyway). It's just a priority change. Whereas Skinimalism was the trend du jour in 2021, beauty trends in 2022 will lean toward a more adventurous, whimsical side. According to the Pinterest Predicts trend report for 2022, beauty will be a fiercely creative endeavor this upcoming year, even more so than usual.

"Everyone's desire to escape" is shaping the new year's beauty landscape, according to Jenna Landi, head of brand insights at Pinterest. And this desire is affecting hairstyles, piercing trends, makeup looks, and nail art. The overall consensus? The more unexpected, the better.

From space buns to crystal eye embellishments and galaxy nails, 2022 is shaping up to be a year that Zenon and Nebula themselves would have approved of. And, Cetus-Lupeedus, these trends are fun.

Ahead, find more 2022 beauty trends, as demonstrated by the most searched terms on Pinterest.

Space Buns and High-Puff Hairstyles

There has likely been a massive uptick in searches for natural hairstyles due to Pinterest's new "Search by Hair Pattern" feature. And although basic hair trends are "out," that doesn't mean that people are ditching their natural hair. "Pinterest predicts people will celebrate their natural texture with big hairstyling techniques in this Black hair trend," Landi explains.

So what will that look like? "Puff Love," Landi says. "The Gen Z-driven space buns and high-puff hairstyles will continue to spike as people find new beauty inspiration."

Shaved Head Dye Designs and Mullet Hairstyles

Call it the Kravis Effect™, but rebellious hairstyles are in for 2022. They're taking a lot of different shapes, including shaved head designs and the classic mullet. (Business in the front, party in the back, anyone?) Just be sure to visit a stylist you trust before committing to one of these bold cuts.

Unique Dermal Piercings

In 2022, people are taking a new approach to bejeweled accessories. They're not only a part of the outfit, they're a part of you. Dermal piercings, piercings that lie flat against the skin, are just one example.

Ear Curation

Ear curation, aka creating a cohesive look for your piercings with bold and complementary earrings, can be challenging. And although it might seem natural for some people, it really is a bit of an art form, all about balancing textures and shapes in aesthetically-pleasing ratios.

Crystal Eye Makeup

Jewels—of the non-piercing variety—are only becoming trendier in 2022, and that means you'll probably be seeing some elaborate, bejeweled eye makeup in the future. So, yes, now might be time to invest in a reliable eye makeup remover.

Tooth Gems

As a trend, tooth gems have been around for quite some time. And celebrities, including Hailey Bieber, Charli D'Amelio, Travis Barker, and Drake, have been known to embrace this look to add a little sparkle to their smiles.

Galaxy Nail Art and Rhinestone Pedicures

Apparently, 2022's thematic escapism will be "reflected right up to nails, and people will paint landscape-style designs on their digits." Think Bob Ross paintings, just on your nails and slightly more spacey. To make accomplishing these designs a little easier, invest in some high-quality polishes.

It looks like some rhinestones will be featured in these nails designs, too. Although that kind of bedazzling might be more common in manicures, rhinestone pedicures are set to be on the rise in 2022.

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