Major News: You Can Now Search by Skin Tone on Pinterest

Updated 04/30/18
How to search by skin tone on Pinterest

I can't even begin to explain to you how taxing it feels to scroll through social media in search of beauty inspiration and not see a single shade or style suitable for your skin tone. Imagery is powerful, and the lack of representation when it comes to showcasing diversity has taken a toll on women for far too long—including me. Growing up, it was rare for me to see aspirational images of women with dark skin tones in the mainstream media. This is why Pinterest's latest search feature is so incredibly monumental.

Yesterday, Pinterest announced the latest addition to its visual platform that allows users to search in the beauty category by skin tone. According to a press release, Pinterest recently conducted a study surveying its users, which revealed that 70% rely on Pinterest for everyday beauty inspiration. But many Pinners stated that they couldn't find what they were looking for. To sort out Pinterest's 8 billion beauty resources better, the team decided to onboard this search function to its platform make the experience user-friendlier, more personalized, and more inclusive to all skin tones. This is major.

If you're wondering how the search function works, once you log on to Pinterest, type "beauty" in the search tool, and on the left-hand corner, you'll see four palettes of skin tones ranging from deep to medium and light. Pinterest plans on expanding these shade ranges even more in the future once its technology improves. Speaking of technology, the platform utilized an app called ModiFace, which specializes in artificial intelligence that detects paint chips, that accurately represents a range of skin tones. Modiface helps Pinterest produce algorithms for skin tone detection. There are even more interesting details on this cool skin tone algorithm process with new pins you can read here.

"We want to make discovery as inclusive as possible so that anyone in the world can find personally relevant ideas." Pinterest's head of discovery product Omar Seyal told Teen Vogue in an interview. "[Beauty] is one of our most searched categories, and most people are looking for beauty ideas they can try in their daily life," Seyal says. "While skin tone is only one element of trait-based personalization, we felt it was the right place to start in order to help pinners find more relevant pins they could try from makeup tutorials to skincare products."

So long to the endless scrolling on Pinterest in search of products made for you. This new beauty search function makes discovery easy and (most importantly) representative across the board for all skin tones—something women everywhere have been yearning for. Let's keep the momentum up and continue to create diverse beauty content—because progress looks good.

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