These Are the Wellness Trends We're Backing for 2018

Updated 01/30/18

When it comes to trends, more often than not we take to Pinterest to search for new ideas and get inspired. Why? Because its global-backed data never lies, and now the trends it's backing for 2018 are proving just as exciting. The Pinterest 100 trend prediction is all about what we, the public, are pinning. It includes everything from finger tattoos to plant protein, but we whittled it down to our top five favourites.

Keep scrolling to read what we'll be pinning and doing in 2018.


the new coffee trend

Pinterest 100: Hormone-balancing smoothie
Pinterest/Wallflower Kitchen

Coffee isn't going anywhere (luckily), but for 2018 it's having a makeover. Think coffee boosters, packed with protein powder or superfoods like maca. Pinterest data shows that we're pinning "healthy coffee" recipes more than ever, and we're on board with it.


the new wellness accessory

Pinterest 100: Air purifying plants for a better home

Being "clean" doesn't just mean eating wholesome foods and drinking the aforementioned healthy coffees—although we'll take all the help from the experts we can get on how to be healthy. The air we breathe is just as important, which is why we'll be filling our home with air purifying plants in a bid to feel clean from morning to night. Pinterest told us that saves for "air purifier" and "air purifying plants" went up by 270%. If that's not proof you need to invest, we don't know what is. 

the new yoga and pilates

Pinterest 100: Tai chi pose
Pinterest/The Best Yoga

We now all know just how beneficial exercise can be for stress, but what about trying something new for 2018? Pinterest is calling it: Tai Chiis the new workout set to reduce stress, release pain and create body harmony. Sounds like the perfect blend of exercise, doesn't it. Any takers? 

the new meditation

Pinterest 100: Unplugging on holiday
Pinterest/The Londoner

Chances are you spent a lot of 2017 thinking about your future. Where you'd be in a month, three months, a year. What about if we took more time thinking about the now, as Pinterest suggests? Being present here and now and searches for living in the moment have gone up by more than 464%—and this is the one trend we're already trying to implement before 2018 hits. 

the new workout focus

Pinterest 100: Best stretches for sore muscles
Pinterest/Tone It Up

This has well and truly been the year of exercise. From strength training to running, more of us than ever before are making active, healthy choices to work out more than ever, but in 2018 we're resetting a little and recognising that it's just as important to refuel and stretch post-workout. Pinterest's 100 trend report shows us that we're all keen to master the perfect post-workout stretch and nourish our bodies with healthy snacks. 

Which trends will you be backing? Drop us a comment below. Up next, here's some expert advice to lift you from your health rut.

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