Ombré Pink Nails Are the Millennial Version of a French Manicure

Inside, the best ways to wear the blurry beauty trend.

close up of pink ombre sparkle nails


Once upon a time, French manicures were the be-all, end-all nail look. Of course, that was in the '90s, when we also reached for bulky crimpers and denim-on-denim. And while the French mani has definitely made a comeback at fashion weeks, it's taking new form as an ombré look (instead of the thin white lines we used to painstakingly try to DIY).

Today, the updated French is appropriately dubbed "pink ombré nails"—which are usually created on longer tips (as it provides more room to bring the fade to life). That's not to say short nails can't get in on the look as well; rather, there are fewer examples of shorter French fades on the 'gram.

That said, we scoured all the hashtags associated with the nail look to deliver the most gorgeous examples of ombré pink nails on all nail lengths, shapes, and sizes. Ahead, see some of our favorite pink ombré nail ideas to inspire your next manicure.

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Logomania Pink Ombré Nails

Logo nails are the more affordable way to show some love for your favorite fashion house. In this example, the ring finger nail is adorned with the sheerest shade of shimmer and an unmistakable Louis Vuitton logo for the ultimate hypebae manicure.

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Darker Pink Ombré Nails

Pink Ombre Nails Dark to Light


These short pink ombré nails feature a slightly darker rosy hue for a peek of color that looks a tad less natural than a classic French manicure. To create the look yourself, add a drop of pale pink polish next to slightly darker nail polish on a plate—making sure that the edges are touching. Use a small sponge to pick up the paint and dab it onto your clean nails, picking up new paint for each nail. Top it off with top coat, et voila—a beautiful French-inspired DIY.

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Bright Pink Ombré Nails

Want to amp up the pink ombré manicure trend? This nail art design puts a rosier shade at the base of the nail, extending into pale pink at the tip.

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Square Pink Ombré Nails

It only makes sense to pair one of the most popular nail shapes with the season's hottest nail design. Pop a few rhinestones on an accent nail to keep the style youthful.

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Mismatched Pink Ombré Nails

Pink Ombre Nails Mismatched


These pink ombré nails change the narrative on the trend, as they feature some traditional French fades paired with inverted colors for a mismatched effect. And, with a top coat of glitter, they're that much more eye-catching.

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Dewy Pink Ombré Nails

Pink Ombré Nails Dewy


Some nails are glossy, while some are matte. These nails, however, manage to look super dewy. The pink ombré comes off as slightly translucent, giving what we can only describe as the cloudless glass skin effect, but for nails.

To make nails look even dewier, start with a healthy cuticle. Apply Olive & June's Cuticle Serum twice daily for a hydrated base that accentuates the gloss-factor in your top coat.

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Acrylic Pink Ombré Nails

Pink Ombré Nails Acrylic


These pink ombré nails are simply gorgeous. They manage to make the fingers look longer and leaner while pairing beautifully with accessories.

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Bright Pink Ombré Nails

Ombré meets tie-dye in this bright pink style. We're loving the coffin shape and how each nail is mismatched.

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Pearlescent Pink Ombré Nails

Pink Ombre Nails Pearlescent


Whether you're looking for wedding nail art or simply love the shiny appeal of a pearl effect, these elegant pink ombré nails are for you. They're made that much more eye-catching with their square shape, though they look equally as pretty on ballerina and shorter nails as well.

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Matte and Holographic Pink Ombré Nails

Can't decide whether you want to go matte or holographic? Why choose when you have five fingers to dedicate to both? Here, the person chose to have a holographic statement ring finger paired with matte pink ombré for an entirely eye-catching manicure.

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Simple Pink Ombré Nails

Pink Ombre Nails Simple


These simple nails feature a neutral pink ombré fade layered with a nude base for a universally stunning mani.

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Rosy Pink Ombré Nails

Here, we have a set of pink ombré nails that feature a bit more pink in comparison to white. Despite the longer pop of color, the nail design still looks super natural.

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Mauvey Pink Ombré Nails

The base of these pink ombré nails is ever-so-slightly darker than the other examples, giving the finished look a romantic mauve effect. That's the beauty of this nail trend—you can vary the pink base shade for a unique French fade that mimics your skin's undertones.

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Pink Ombré Claws

These long, tapered nails look even more chic with the trendy pink ombré polish trend. If this hasn't convinced you to hop on the French ombré nail trend, who knows what will?

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