Upgrade Your Nude Nails With One of These 39 Pink Nail Designs

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Pink is perhaps one of the most versatile colors in the cosmetic world. You can wear the shade any almost any modality you can imagine—blush, glosses, eye pigments—but our go-to is most definitely our nails. A pink manicure knows no limits—from a classic pink-and-white French mani, to bold magenta nail art, and everything in-between. Whether you're looking for something super simple or eye-catching and extravagant, Instagram is serving up some serious inspo. To find the perfect pretty-in-pink style for you, we searched high and low to find your manicure muse. Ahead, our 39 favorite ways to wear a pink nail design.

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Pink and White with a Pop

What's better than a traditional pink and white french mani? A pop of hot pink, that's what.

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Pink and Mauve

Pink, white and mauve in a geometric pattern will surely turn heads in a modern-but-chic type way.

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Slanted French

The French manicure has taken many more modern iterations as of late, including this pink slanted French.

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Pick a Pink

Can't choose you're favorite? Grab all your favorite pinks and paint one color on each nail for this ombre-esque style. Bonus points if you include a pop of white.

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Baby Pink and Bold Stripes

A simple, classic, light pink manicure is kicked up a notch with these boldly painted stripes.

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Pink Neutrals

The right shade of pink can definitely work like a neutral.

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Who says hearts are only for Valentine's Day? Wear a romantic mani all year long with this pink based, heart tipped look.

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Pink Galaxy

In some alternate universe, we hope the starry sky is pink, rather than black.

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Pink Gradient

Gradient nails are the perfect way to wear multiple shades of your favorite color.

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Pink Geode

Crystal lovers, rejoice. This marbly pink and white geode-inspired nail art is swoon-worthy.

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Pink and Pastel Swirls

With a neutral pink base, these pastel inspired swirls really pop for a fun look that's perfect for spring.

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Specks of Gold

You can never go wrong with perfectly placed gold foil.

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Pink Logomania

Whether you're a Dior addict or a Supreme queen, you can easily rep your favorite luxury brand in shades of pink on your nails.

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Pearly Pink

Simple, rounded, and with just the right amount of shine.

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Reverse French

Break the rules and take a fun spin on a french manicure with this alternating light and dark pink twist.

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A Pop of Florals

Because florals are always in season.

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A Touch of Sparkle

Never say no to sparkle. Never.

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Tie Dye

Tie dye is SO hot right now, in both the fashion and beauty world. This perfect combo of pink and white is making us feel groovy, baby.

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Seeing Stars

This mani will not only have you seeing stars—you'll look and feel like one, too.

When DIY-ing this style, try these gold nail sticker stars to get a perfect star shape.

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Flamingo Nails

Nothing says summer (or vacation) like a manicure inspired by your favorite pool float.

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Leopard, Foil and Pink

Another take on a pink and leopard scheme, this bold black and gold foil leopard print sits perfectly atop a baby pink base.

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Metal Moon

One simple accent cant takes your mani to a whole new level.

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Pretty Polka Dots

Polka dots are always a good idea—especially when they're this cute.

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Subtle and Shimmer

A thin, hot pink tip and a shimmery outline around the cuticle makes a subtle statement.

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Less is More

When it comes to nail art, sometimes, less is more. Case in point? This look.

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Pink Quartz

Gemstone inspired nails are all the rage, and with this pink and white pairing, it's like having real quartz on your nails.

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Two Tones

If five different shades of pink (gradient nails) feel a bit too busy for you, try using just two different shades of pink, alternating nails or painting two in a row the same shade.

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Pink and Purple Clouds

Call it tie-dye, clouds, or geode inspired. Whatever it is, we're so here for it.

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Neon pink nails are an easy way to make a statement. Bonus points if you match your eyeliner to your nails.

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Metallic Pink

This high-shine lacquer looks stellar with the sweetest touch of pink crystals.

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Pink Ombré

Pink and nude are the natural-looking way to achieve an elevated ombré.

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Sheer Pink

If saturated shades just aren't your style, opt for a lovely, sheer pink that almost looks like your natural nail.

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Hot Pink

The mani of Regina George's dreams.

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Just Peachy

Peach dreams are made of these.

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Negative Space Half-Moons

Negative space manicures still seem to be the nail art look du jour (and we can't complain).

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V-Day Inspired

Valentine's Day or not, we love these chic little hearts.

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Olive & June Pink

Olive & June's Nail Polish in TT ($8) is one of team Byrdie's favorite shades of all time, perfectly matching the brand's famous Cuticle Serum.

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Peachy Keen

Whether you're more into the fruit or the emoji, you can't go wrong with these peach-inspired nails.

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Peachy Meets Bold

Between the creamy, peachy base and the bold floral art — what's not to love?

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Pinky Nudes

The perfect manicure to match your favorite pinky-nude lipstick.

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