The Biggest Makeup Trend We've Seen on Instagram This Month

As a beauty editor, it's part of my job to surf Instagram. As much as I have a love-hate relationship with the app, it serves as my looking glass into all things beauty: It's there that I stay updated on product launches, the latest celebrity beauty news, and all the fun looks makeup artists are crafting. For each of these, it's hard not to notice obvious trends in the space, a fun connection to draw in a massive industry that's moving on to the next big thing before we have time to grow accustomed to the last. The constant shift is what makes the beauty industry exciting, though, and the similarities help us draw connections and make sense of it all.

One such similarity we've noticed slowly gaining traction over the past year—and especially in recent months—is the growing presence of pink monochromatic makeup. Matching petal-pink lids and lips are flattering on all skin tones and look just as beautiful in person as they do in photos. 

"We've been seeing monochromatic pinks and corals on trend for over a year now with celebs like Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid bringing the looks forward," says makeup artist Neil Scibelli. "I love a pink monochrome look because it's soft, brings out everyone's natural eye color and is also wearable across all skin tones."

For daytime, Scibelli suggests creating the look by "applying a sheer pink eye shadow on the lids with a lighter pink or even a highlighter on the center of lid to give the eyes more dimension. Complement the rest of your complexion with a soft pink blush and a nude pink lip, which really ties the monochromatic look together.

For evening, he offers this suggestion: "Try adding a deeper pink eye shadow in the crease to give the eyes more definition. I would also suggest choosing highlighters (to apply above the cheeks) with gold tones, which complement the rest of the pink tones. Finish the look with a sheer nude pink lipstick or gloss."

See the look and shop our favorite pink eye and lip products below.