16 Pink and Green Nail Ideas with Juicy, Watermelon Sugar Vibes

Pink and green nails with French tips and wavy side designs


Looking for some warm-weather-ready nail polish color inspo? Pink and green have caught our attention as of late, and this versatile, cheerful duo looks great no matter the season. Bringing together the trending Barbiecore vibes with the refreshing shades of olive, sage, and lime that have dominated beauty and style in recent years, there are so many different styles and tones you can try when it comes to pink and green nails, from bold neons to subtle pastels. If you're ready to join the club of people embracing the watermelon sugar mani zeitgeist, look no further. Keep reading for 16 of the best pink and green nail designs to recreate ASAP, whether you go DIY or use them as inspo for your next mani appointment.

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Stumbled on Sub(Lime)

Pink and green nails with flower, yin/yang, and swirl designs


If watching Daisy Jones & The Six has you in the mood for some groovy nails, try your hand at this (relatively) simple green and pink nail art idea. To create the look, nail artist Dayanna Sapiens used the Le Mini Macaron x Heluviee Gel Polish Trio ($35) in shades Evergreen, Cotton, and Wild Peach, creating floral, swirl, and yin/yang patterns with the shades.

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Watermelon Waves

White, pink, and green manicure with wave designs and French tips


The best part about the Le Mini Macaron x Heluviee Gel Polish Trio is that it’s unlikely to sit around collecting dust, as you can use the three shades for so many different designs. This design involves colored French tips and swirls on top of a neutral base shade—it's fairly simple to recreate, but the stunning result is one of our favorites.

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Bikini Bottom Florals

Patrick Star, is that you? All you need for this funky floral nail design is a dotting tool to create the petals and the center of the flower.

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Simple Solids

Pastel pink and spring green manicure


Short on time or looking for the easiest route to pink and green bliss? Pick your favorite shades of each color—we love the fresh milky and grassy hues here—and paint each onto a few nails for an instant statement.

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Bubblegum Forest

We can't help but swoon over this floral-meets-checkerboard nail design. Realistically, you're going to need a pro (or someone with non-shaky hands) to help you recreate this look.

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Marbled Marvel

A lava lamp but for your nails, this is one of the coolest ways to bring the retro fun of pink and green to your mani. The best thing about this design is that it doesn't rely on precision, so if you mess up, no one will be able to tell.

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Micro Bouquet

Manicure with neutral base, white French tip, and 3D pink and green rose bouquet design


While it goes without saying that this 3D pink and green nail design will likely require a pro to recreate, we love the way this bouquet of roses upgrades an otherwise simple French mani. Given the intricacy, you really only need one accent nail on each hand to make a major impact.

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Romantic Sparkles

Pink glitter manicure with green accent nails with negative space hearts


A subtle shimmer adds a dash of allure to any mani, and pink and green nails are no exception. We love how these include a negative space heart on the avocado-colored accent nail.

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Lightning in a (Polish) Bottle

Lightning bolt nail art has been taking the world of manicures by storm (pun intended), and we simply can't get enough of it. If the design is too difficult for you, you can always rely on nail art stickers to get the look.

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Dark Rose Garden

Black pointed manicure with pink rose and green leaf designs


If you're intrigued by pink and green nails but prefer something a little more gothic, go for intricate rose designs on a black base. The effect is instantly romantic and will go with dark and colorful ensembles alike.

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Happy Hearts

This pink and green nail art design is reminding us of the pure joy we felt while wandering the aisles of Claire's circa 2003. While the design makes us smile, it may be a little too intricate to DIY—and to that we say, "To the salon!"

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Neon Watermelon

A little Harry Styles action, anyone? This fruity mani concoction is perfect for when you want to limit your nail art spend at the salon, but still want to make a fun impact.

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Florals for Summer

Pink, green, and orange floral nail design with solid neutral accent nails


In their most vibrant versions, pink and green feel fresh and fruity, which makes them a perfect choice for a summer floral mani. Space the design out with neutral accent nails for a look with major longevity.

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Minimalist Half-Moons

Keep the summer vibe alive all year long with these neon green and pink nails. This simple yet chic two-tone nail design is perfect for beginners.

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Bedazzled Garden

Alexa, play "Nail Tech" by Jack Harlow. All you need to recreate this squiggle design is some patience, a variety of gel polishes, and some fine-tipped nail brushes.

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Malibu Barbiecore

Manicure with pink and green French tips and side wave designs


Ready to drop everything and take a vacation on the pink sand beaches of Barbieland? Us, too. For the next best thing, alternate pink and green French tips, then add a playful touch via wave designs in the opposite colors.

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