PillowtalkDerm's New Serum Roller Promises to Reduce Redness and Under-Eye Puffiness

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Shereene Idriss, a popular NYC-based board certified cosmetic dermatologist, is back after selling out her PillowtalkDerm Major Fade collection (twice!) with a brand-new launch. Hint: It's a skincare tool with major benefits and Dr. Idriss herself gave us the exclusive first look. Below, find out more about Dr. Idriss' newest launch, The Depuffer, which combines facial rolling and soothing, hydrating, de-puffing ingredients in one potent, effective product.

The Inspiration

During a recent visit to her office, Idriss handed me her brand-new arnica-based treatment serum and instructed me to swipe it over my redness (she had just given me some cheek filler), and then explained the impetus for her next genius creation. “The Depuffer is my solution for a problem I’ve consistently seen both in my practice and on social media," Idriss says. The problem, she admits, is confusion around facial rollers—there are so many variations at different price points—and the fact that there aren't offerings that both roll and treat at the same time. "In 2018, 'Do jade rollers work?' was the number one question I got from patients and followers. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to marry a roller with actives to help you flush and de-puff?" So, that’s exactly what she sought out to create. Enter: PillowtalkDerm's The Depuffer.

pillowtalkderm the depuffer

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Why The Depuffer Works:

“The Depuffer is a treatment serum first and foremost,” Idriss explains. “The fragrance-free formula does a lot of heavy lifting, as it's packed with arnica (traditionally used to help decrease the appearance of swelling), centella asiatica (to combat redness and spur transient flushing), niacinamide (to soothe the skin’s barrier), ash bark extract (to help reduce puffiness), and glycerin (for superior hydration)," Idriss adds, "The rolling aspect of the product is an added benefit to the serum—it’s the delivery mechanism that comes into play as a tool with effective, topical benefits."

The beauty of this product is three-fold: it delivers when you need it, it has long-term benefits when used consistently in your skincare routine, and you can twist the cap to turn the serum “off" (so you can also use it as a roller without distributing product). That way, you can roll to your heart’s content or your redness is reduced, whichever happens first.

If you follow Dr. Idriss, you also know she never does anything without clinicals. "We did an independent clinical study as well as tested The Depuffer on 100 people from our community. In both studies, users saw an immediate reduction in redness," Dr. Idriss explains. "In the clinical study with 26 subjects, 85% reported a reduction in signs of redness after five minutes and the testing with our community saw the same results."

How to Use It

This serum is a de-puffing and flushing formula that targets puffiness and short-term redness. So, if you want to help reduce the look of swelling (whether you’ve had a cosmetic procedure, get red after workouts, or you've had a few too many cocktails the night before), this is for you. Simply glide the roller across your skin, while dispensing product, twice a day after cleansing and prior to your moisturizer or any other occlusive products. Pat in any excess and allow it to dry before applying the rest of your routine.

Before + After

Of course I had to try The Depuffer out for myself. I had picked two breakouts (I know, I know) and decided to turn that bad decision into a skincare test. You can see in my before and after—just five minutes post-application—where redness was visibly reduced along my chin.

pillowtalkderm depuffer before and after

Carly Cardellino

The Bottom Line:

"You can use a cold spoon if you’re looking to move lymphatic fluid around, but the results are only short term," Dr. Idriss explains. “But, if you can combine these active ingredients with the mechanical action of rolling, you get the best of both worlds." So, after testing and reviewing this product (it works!), here my advice: Use the Depuffer to roll and relieve redness and puffiness simultaneously? It's a no-brainer.

pillowtalkderm depuffer
PillowtalkDerm The Depuffer $38.00

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