This Olivia Palermo Hair Tutorial Will Be Everywhere Before You Know It

Updated 05/18/17

The fact you've clicked on this link means we have at least one thing in common—an interest in all things Olivia Palermo. (That or you made a mistake. In which case, stay! I promise it'll be worth it.) While I adore Palermo for the way she executes everything from red nails to berry lipstick, it's her ability to make even the most intricate hairstyles look completely effortless I love most. Truly, I've never once seen her look overworked or overdone. Perhaps it's because hair is kinda OP's "thing", but either way it's a feat. Especially when you consider the statement 'dos she's worn. (Reminder: This epic faux braid. Oh, and there's no forgetting this slick ponytail situation.

My issue is that I'm not that great at whipping up hairstyles outside my comfort zone. Wavy and loose? Easy. Tousled pony? In my sleep. Plaited/slick/or straight? Not so much. Updos especially, freak me out. I am forever fearful I'll accidentally venture into year 10 formal territory instead of creating cool-girl vibes. Lucky for me (and you) Palermo recently posted a tutorial for a beautifully romantic—but still breezy—updo on her website Created by Niky Epi for OP during Milan fashion week, the style is technically half-up half-down which keeps it soft and effortless.

Keep scrolling for a 360° look, plus the how-to.

According to Epi, the secret behind creating a cool-girl updo is simple: "Create a good texture for your hair, [if you've] done that, you just have to follow few easy steps and that’s it! The result is going to be a winning look." To create OP's specific style, the stylist prepped her hair with a volumising product then blowdried it with a round 32mm brush to create waves. Next, he pulled most of the hair back into a small low pony leaving the top third of the hair loose. Next, he split the remaining hair into two sections and crossed them over one another, with the right section starting from the ear and crossing over to the left (and vice-versa). To finish, he fixed each section in place with two bobby pins, then backcombed the pony for extra volume. All you need to keep it in place is a flexible hairspray like Davines' This Is A Dry Texturizer ($37). Simple right? I'll definitely be giving this a run at my next big spring event.

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