Pictures of Men's Short Haircuts

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Casual and Short Textured Style

Short Haircuts

A short haircut is almost always a great option for a dude. A short cut is masculine, cool in warm weather, and generally easy to maintain.

Just because the hair is short, doesn't mean it has to be boring. This gallery contains several great men's haircuts for guys looking for a short haircut—from a buzzcut to a short, textured men's hairstyle, you'll find a great haircut that suits you. To ensure you get exactly the cut you're looking for, print a photo of the style and take it with you, or save it to your phone. Showing a picture is always far easier than describing a haircut. Just make sure to be realistic when choosing a style, and that it will work with your hair type and facial features.

This style is a good option for a man with a little natural texture. The hair is cut close at the sides and back, and left about two inches long on top. To style, when hair is slightly damp, take a small amount of styling paste with a matte finish and work it around in the palms of your hand. Distribute it evenly through the hair, and use your fingertips to add a bit of texture. Just don't work too hard at it—it's a casual style.

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A Classic Butch Haircut

For this style, the hair is cut uniformly all over the head with clippers (in this particular photo, a #2 blade was used). Performed correctly, the hair should be tapered shorter at the sides and back, with no visible line at the nape. Styling product isn't required, but a good leave in conditioner with sunscreen to protect the scalp and smooth the hair is.

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A Textured Ivy League Haircut

With this style, the hair is cut to conform to the shape of the head, with a little extra length in the front. This style works well with most hair types, but is especially well suited for those with fine or thinning hair. To style it, work a small amount of styling paste around between your palms, and apply it to your hair. Using the palm of the hand, work the hair in a side to side motion across the top of the head and use the fingers to give a bit of lift in the front.

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A Classic Taper with a Texturized Top

This is a traditional style with a modern twist. The sides and back are cut clipper short with a tapered neckline. The top can be either combed neatly with a part for the office, or spiked up on top for the weekend. This is a good style for someone who wants shorter hair with options. As pictured, a bit of pomade is worked between the palms and applied to the hair. Then direct your hair back with your fingers, pushing forward the sections at the round of the head. Use your fingers to twist sections for added texture.

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The Ivy League Style

For this style, the hair is cut short on the sides and back, with a clean taper at the neckline. The hair is cut finger-length on top. To style, use a pea-sized amount of pomade. Work the product between your hands and smooth the hair forward on top. With this style, the emphasis is on neatness, so the cut should be trimmed every three weeks.

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A Short Style with a Texturized Top

This style is a good option for a man with thinning hair. The hair is cut close at the sides and back, and then left about two inches long on top. To style it, when your hair is slightly damp, work a matte paste between your hands before distributing it evenly through the hair, and using fingertips to add a bit of texture.

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The Classic Ivy League

The hair here is cropped short to conform to the shape of the head. Clippers are used to cut the hair short and high, past the crown. The top is cut clipper short at the crown, and then gets gradually longer towards the front. A light application of pomade provides shine and gives the look a finished appearance.

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A Short Ivy League Cut

Named for the styles which were once popular at Ivy League Universities, this style is taken really close to the head, and the clippers are pulled high up the sides and back of the head. The neckline is usually tapered clean, with no line at the nape. The hair in this photo is cut finger length on top with a bit more length at the front. While the style looks good towel dried with no product, a bit of pomade or cream can be added to give it a slightly more groomed appearance.

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The Burr Haircut

For a burr, the hair is clipped very, very short all over the head. For this photo, a #1.5 blade was used. The neckline is tapered, and a clean arch has been cut over the ears. No styling is required, but due to the very short nature of the cut, you should use sunscreen on your scalp.

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The Long Crewcut

For this cut, the clippers are taken all over the head, with the sides and back tapered considerably shorter than the top. For styling, a bit of gel or pomade adds shine and gives it a more groomed look.

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