How to Get in Shape, According to Math

Contrary to popular opinion, eating pie and solving math problems is not the only way to commemorate Pi Day on March 14. As it turns out, there are plenty of people who celebrate this day with a workout designed around the infinite number. Always game to mix up our exercise routines, we reached out to the team at MVMT Theory for a fun and festive Pi Day workout.

If you’re wondering what this entails, you’re not alone. While we hadn’t heard of the “trendy” workout until recently, it just so happens to be a pretty big deal on the World Wide Web. After some research and a few attempts at following online tutorials, we came to love the pi-designed workout, which is similar to an interval routine, except the minutes you spend on each exercise is based on the digits of pi: three minutes of running, one minute of rest, four minutes of body-sculpting. For MVMT Theory's Pi Day workout, keep on reading.