How This Photo Helped One Woman Fight Through the Pain of Ovarian Cysts

Updated 08/18/17

You're not any less strong if your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or romantic partner is your emotional rock. In fact, they’re going to help you want to fight even harder against any and all odds. That’s exactly the case with Samantha Caracci.

Caracci had gone through intense pain in her stomach, back, and legs over the course of six months before being told that she had cysts on her uterus and both ovaries. “I lived in my heating pad, spent countless nights in the emergency room because of countless cysts rupturing,” she told PopSugar. “It was about every two to three weeks to be exact. That’s how fast my body was making them.”

She ultimately had to have her fallopian tubes, gallbladder, and right ovary removed. When a date night with her husband, Rob, turned into an emergency room visit, she was told that there was still a mass inside her and she would need to see specialists to find out what’s going on. She went home feeling like her body was “ugly, scarred, and completely broken.” That’s when Rob stepped up.

On her Instragram (above), she posted a picture that he took of her and wrote a lengthy caption about its importance. She wrote, “Rob said ‘Come here babe, let me take your picture so I can show you things I think are beautiful about your body.’ We sat and he proceeded to tell me all the wonderful things about my body.”

The picture and its incredible story have since gone viral. Women, as we all know, are strong enough to handle anything. When men support that, we must give credit.

She ended the caption with the best advice on love we’ve heard in while: “Ladies that’s the kind of man you deserve. A man that will pick you up when you’re down, comfort you no matter what, endlessly tell you how perfect you are.”

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