Exclusive: Getting Ready With Peyton List

If you do a quick search of Peyton List on the Internet, it's evident that the 17-year-old is always busy. Her already-extensive résumé is peppered with numerous movie and television appearances, including her recurring role in the hit Disney Channel show Jessie. Take a stroll over to her Instagram page, and you'll see the leggy blond traveling the world and taking a (brief) break on set, among many other snap-worthy moments her 6 million followers can keep up-to-date on.

But because we love her flawless complexion and penchant for a bold red lip as much as we love seeing her on the silver screen, we sent photographer Sara Jaye Weiss behind the scenes to capture the actress's entire getting-ready process before a press event with OPI (warning: adorable nail art ahead). 

For a full breakdown of Peyton's look, keep scrolling!

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