Pete Davidson Got a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tattoo, and So Is Everyone Else

Supporters are memorializing the political icon.

Pete Davidson

 Jon Mesa

After the unfortunate passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18, many supporters of the Associate Justice began to search for ways to honor the 87-year-old’s legacy of fighting for women's rights. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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While most people headed to social media to send heartwarming tributes to the first and longest-running Jewish woman on the Supreme Court, some opted for a more permanent tribute—a tattoo. 

Leading the way, actor-comedian Pete Davidson enlisted the help of New York tattoo artist Jon Mesa, to forever memorialize the political icon. 

Although Davidson got the ink back in 2018, it still proves the influence of RBG, who became a member of the Supreme Court in 1993. Following in the footsteps of the Saturday Night Live star, other admirers of the Supreme Court Judge began to do the same. We stan this trend.

Keep scrolling to see some of the most creative and legendary tattoos honoring Judge Ginsburg.

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RBG Ink in Progress

"I’m proud to honor this incredible woman for the rest of my life," MommyEnnui shared on Instagram. "Now I need to get this tattoo finished!"

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The Most Honorable

"May I present the honorable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg," tattoo artist, Claire -Snaggle Tooth- Warhus captioned their Instagram. "We put her in the collar she wears when dissenting on the Supreme Court."

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Chelsea Jane rocked her multi-colored RBG tattoo with pride.

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A RBG Mini Portrait

Tattoo artist Matt Beirne says, "this might be my favorite mini portrait I’ve done. A couple [of] years ago my friend @jabaird87 came to me with the idea of getting a portrait of The notorious RBG & I was happy to do it for her."

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A Couple of Loyal RBG Supporters

A couple opted to get matching ink of RBG's robe collar from tattoo artist, Wes Staley.

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A Tattoo, and a Donation

"A huge thank you to the amazing Liv who snagged this Ruth Bader Ginsberg piece yesterday," tattoo artist Britt Whitman, said via Instagram. "Because of this we were able to donate a total of $500 between Planned Parenthood the ACLU and Yellowhammer Fund."

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A Mythical Ruth-icorn

Tattoo artist Kellsey Mull created a magical creation by seating the Associate Justice on a unicorn, creative!

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Abstract Ginsburg

Raven Del Rio, a veteran tattoo artist inked on a beautiful Pablo Piccasso-esque design of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg on her client.

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