9 Personalized Beauty Gift Ideas Basically Anyone Will Love

We get it. Whether you're deciding on the perfect gift for your best friend, mom, colleague, or girlfriend, the personalization factor is key—a gift that says: "I'm not a regular gift, I'm a cool gift." However, that's not always an easy ask. With countless options available—and sets, samples, and starter kits galore—the task of gift-giving easily becomes daunting, and sometimes an idea that felt original all of three minutes ago, suddenly seems jaded or just not-quite-right. (Or perhaps we're just obsessive when it comes to gift-giving...who can tell?)

Regardless, the industry has blessed the beauty-obsessed with some seriously cool gift ideas recently all involving chic and thoughtful ways to personalize and tailor a gift to your super-special giftee. From bespoke skin serums to custom-crafted shampoos and conditioners, keep reading for nine personalized gift ideas we'll be wrapping for our loved ones (and ourselves) this holiday season.