This Household Item Will Extend the Life of Your Favorite Perfume


Neiman Marcus

Considering the fact that we've graduated from large plastic bottles of pink and purple body spray circa the aughts and on to luxe (read: pricey) fragrances, prolonging the quality of said fragrances is imperative. And, unfortunately, incorrectly storing our perfume bottles is actually hindering their ability to smell as intended (even if they're arranged on an Instagram-worthy tray).

What are these incorrect storing methods, you ask? According to Mark Knitowski, senior vice president of product development and innovation for Victoria's Secret Beauty, warm environments deplete the quality of your favorite scents. "The best way to keep your fragrance fresh is to store it in a cool, unlit space, like a refrigerator. It can make the fragrance last up two years longer. Why? Because when fragrance is in heat and sunlight, it loses its intensity and impression due to heat's ability to evaporate the fragrance character. The more you store the fragrance this way, the better," he explains.

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