This Trick for Perfect Lashes Will Blow Your Mind

We're huge fans of mascara. It's pretty much our desert island product—as in the one thing we'd bring with us if we were stranded on a desert island (you know you've thought about it too). It's an instant face refresher and makes us feel glam in a flash. We're also careful about how we apply mascara, making sure not to get clumps or spider lashes, so we usually stick to just a few swipes per row of lashes. However, The Beauty Department totally blew our minds when they recently revealed the suggested number of coats for perfect lashes: 30. As in a three in front of a zero.

Makeup artist Amy Nadine says that a few coats won't cut it for those va-va-voom lashes. "A couple strokes of the wand isn’t enough! It’s just not. If you don’t believe me, try it tomorrow morning. Do a couple coats and look in the mirror. Then do 30 quick strokes per eye and look in the mirror. Night and day. What I’m suggesting takes one minute total, 30 seconds per eye. Your lashes will thank you," she explains. We feel like we might have some seriously toned bicep muscles after doing this every morning (not that that would be a bad thing).

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How many coats of mascara do you prefer? What do you think of doing 30 per eye? Tell us below!

Opening Image: Imaxtree