What Americans Would (and Wouldn't) Give Up for the Perfect Body

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" has to be one of my least favorite quotes of all time. Not only does it assume that everyone wants to be "skinny," it's also just plain untrue. There are plenty of indulgent, delicious foods that I'd choose over a skinny frame, not only because they taste good, but also because they make me genuinely happy. (Pizza and wine, for example.)

But according to an intriguing new survey conducted by EllipticalReviews.com, not everyone agrees on this subject. The study's researchers conducted a large-scale game of Would You Rather? to find out exactly how important having a "good body" is to Americans. To do this, they polled 2000 people to see what foods they’d be willing to give up if it meant having "the perfect body." Curious? Keep scrolling to find out what Americans would trade to magically wake up with the "perfect" frame.



Elliptical Reviews

According to the study, most Americans would, in fact, sacrifice their favorite snacks if it meant magically acquiring a six-pack and perky backside overnight. Only 25% of those surveyed would refuse to trade cheese for the perfect body, and only 29% would take a stand for guacamole. These numbers increased slightly when participants were asked to live without my vices of choice: pizza and alcohol. Thirty-five percent of respondents would choose pizza over the body of their dreams, and 37% would choose booze. But that means 65% of Americans would be willing to live a pizza-free life in exchange for the "ideal body," and 63% would agree to go sober. (Luckily, you don't actually have to give up pizza for a fit figure, as evidenced by cookbooks like Skinny Pizza, $4, and The Paleo Pizza Cookbook, $7). 

Hilariously, the survey also asked participants if they'd be willing to "break their thumb" to achieve the perfect frame without exercise. But physical pain is where most drew the line—only 21% of respondents would endure a broken thumb to have their bodies instantly transform.

Which of these foods would you trade for the perfect body? Sound off in the comments below!