It's Official: This Early-2000s Makeup Trend Came Back on the PCAs Red Carpet

Remember the early-2000s, that dream-like time when everyone wore butterfly clips in their hair, shopped for jewelry at their local Claire's, and hoarded velour tracksuits? If I close my eyes and concentrate, I can still hear the snap of my flip phone echoing in the distance. I can smell the Bath & Body Works body spray I spritzed each morning, and I can even feel my favorite frosted eye shadow being swiped across my eyelids. 

While flip phones have become dusty relics of the past and our Bath & Body Works body sprays have been joined by various bottles of expensive eau de parfum, it seems like the age of frosted eyes shadow might extend past the days of Lizzie McGuire and young Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. That's, at least, according to the People's Choice Awards, where multiple celebs came strolling down the red carpet donning frosty silver eye makeup.

In fact, it was the top makeup trend of the night. This follows in line with the biggest makeup trend from the American Music Awards, which took place last month. There, celebs substituted golden highlighters for icy silver ones on the inner corner of their eyes. That's why it's time to call it: Frosty eye shadow has officially made a comeback. Keep scrolling to see the cold hard proof.