The Pegan Diet Is Newest Wellness Trend on Everyone's Radar

Before we meander into the—sometimes confusing, often complex—world of health and wellness, which includes everything from meditation, to adaptogens, to sexual health, and sleep, it's helpful to start with the basics. After all, learning about health and wellness is just like learning about any other topic. Take a foreign language as an example. You don't start off by conjugating irregular verbs. No, you start off by learning letters and numbers. Then you build upon that knowledge with something a little more complex, delving deeper and deeper into the topic until you become a bonafide expert.

To us, diet is the wellness equivalent of those basic letters and numbers we were talking about. It's at the foundation of our health, and often, it's what people begin their wellness journey with. After all, there is no shortage of dietary philosophies. There's the vegetarian diet, the Whole30 diet, the ketogenic diet, and many, many more. Today, however, we're only concerned with two—the vegan and paleo diets. Recently, a combination of these, called the "pegan diet" has garnered a lot of attention. Keep scrolling to learn all about it, including which foods are allowed, what experts have to say, and more.