The Post-Gel Manicure Rehab Plan Your Peeling Nails NEED

Updated 09/20/17

Weeks of chip-less wear and a shine factor that just won’t quit? The beauty of a gel manicure can’t be beat. The aftermath, however, isn’t pretty. Over time, the long-lasting mani can leave your nails thin, flimsy, and peeling. Ready to give your fingertips a much-needed lacquer break and nurse them back to their once-healthy state? Keep reading for the post-gel rehab plan you so desperately need!

Break Out the Buffer

Step one: Gentle buffing evens out the nail plate to prevent further peeling. A little buffing action once or twice a week also increases blood circulation, so new, healthy nails can grow back quicker.

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Keep Them Short

Your nails may be incredibly fragile right now. One little nick could lead to a painful tear. Until your nails recover, keep them short and slightly rounded (which is the strongest shape). Now more than ever, be careful to only file your nails in one direction—not back and forth. And use a fine-grit file to avoid snagging.

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Soak Weekly

Weekly soaks also help in the recovery process. Try dunking your fingertips into a moisturizing bath of warm olive oil for 10 minutes. You can also empty a vitamin E capsule into soak for added strengthening power. Whole milk, which is rich in moisture-replenishing fats, is another good option.

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